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  1. Thanks for the reply dweller25 ......... what does Surface Contrast mean?
  2. Thanks for the answers and thanks particulally to Stu for a good answer .......
  3. This might sound a daft question, but is there a best time for viewing when conditions are more suitable. It was this becasue in the mornings, it is usually hazy but clears when the sun has been up a while and I wondered if the same applies during the night - after sunset, does the atmosphere stabalise .......... if you know what I mean !!
  4. My images are nowhere as good as Titch's (upload here) especially the last one but another thing to remember is the more you magnify, the more difficult it is to even find the object and focusing is a problem as well (if doing it manually). On high magnification, it is REALLY difficult to focus as the planet moves around so much when you even touch the focus wheel and with my EQ3 mount continues to wobble even after I have let go! As I said, I am no way an expert, but what I have tired is to get the object in the eyepiece and use more and more magnification lenses to get it right in the middle, put in the camera (being careful not to move anything!!) and open Sharpcap. At the top, is an option RETICULE which will put a red cross on the screen to help keep it central. Get it right in the middle and then when you add your Barlow or extension tubes, it should be there although the focus will be different as will the gain and exposure settings in Sharpcap ........ it's not easy as I am finding out !! Good luck
  5. For some reason the Forum would not show Jupiter as a thumbnail but as an option below - it might be because it is a *.bmp, so I will try again with a *.jpg
  6. Hi Twiggies - I have just put a reply to your other thread re: Barlows. As I say on there, I am far, far from any sort of expert, but I mentioned using a Barlow with the lens unscrewed. I have got a ScopiumCam (from 365astronomy) and although a bit blurred, and the sky being pretty poor conditions, I got this a few nights ago. Hope that helps Chris Jupiter 19_03_2013 21_53_55.bmp
  7. I have a skywatcher 150 and bought (and returned) a 3x as it would not focus. I posted a question on here and as usual, people helped me out and pointed out that it may be too much for the focal length - I then bought a 2.5x and that works fine. It could have been a defective Barlow of course, but I could not focus it, in or out. I spoke at length to Zoltan at 365astronomy who advised I fitted different adapters to try and get it to focus, but as I am new to all this, it was all a bit beyond my knowledge. One other tip someone on here gave me was to use a Barlow but remove the lens and fit it between the Barlow and the camera which gives a larger but dimmer image. So Telescope > Barlow ? Barlow with lens unscrewed > Camera. Hope that helps Chris
  8. Have you got Stallarium - a free download which once you have entered your Latitude & Longitude (can get that from Google Maps) it will give you a live view of what you can see from your location - but - its only available for PC's but for an iphone, there are apps which when you hold your phone up, it will show you what you are looking at. There again, I have Android but one of them is again done by Google called Sky Maps - Had a quick look and there is one for the iphone here :- http://www.x04studios.com/classicskymap.html
  9. Thanks James but I am not after a map, just thought members of the forum might not know about the button which switches Earth / Moon / Mars on Google Earth
  10. Thanks for the advice, bought a laser collimator and it was out of bonk ........ now got it pretty well bang on so whaen the thick cloud clears !!
  11. The Moon map has not got great detail of all the surface, just the crators etc. but where there has been activity, it shows more details and write ups if you click the small coloured squares etc. - attached screen shot ...
  12. Hi All I am not sure if this is any help to members but I have just found out the Googel Eatch (free download) is not just Google Earth but also contains a Moon map, Sky Map and also Mars. I have attached a screen shot to show which button at the top of the screen in Google Earth it is. Hope it helps Chris
  13. Thanks a lot for the answers and as always, I appreciate you taking the time to help. I have bought a laser collimator, and it did need adjustion bt I dont know if it has impromed anything as we have had torrential rain instead of clear skies !!
  14. We jad a couple fo nice sigtings here in North Devon and could see it 'naked eye' from Codden Hill near Barnstpale and then again the next day where I live just outside Bideford.
  15. Hi Andy - This is after going through Registax but NO wavelet adjustment. I know the image is small but I have ordered a larger barlow to try and improve that but like I said in the first posting, I wonder if the poor image is due to collimation ??
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