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  1. Woolley has the scout place back from view point but you'd have to walk about 400mtrs downhill and carrying equipment wouldn't be good I should imagine? (I don't have a scope as yet) I'd have thought so long as you're in a decent group then a lot safer when it comes to "late night enthusiasts". Winscar/dunford does have the pennine yachting club at the other side with a small car park so that maybe a bit better?
  2. Hiya Sam, Woolley edge has great views from the top during the day right up to the power stations north, emley and holme moss and beyond, I'm unsure as to how it is during darkness with the light pollution? but sounds good and is close by.
  3. Nice read Rusty and welcome, i'm a complete novice having never owned a telescope but will soon
  4. Ooooops didn't think of that crash just proves i'm a novice I guess.
  5. Thanks Soupy, I definitely will do. I'd have thought that windscar reservoir would be good as when you drop down to dunford bridge and up the hill there is the entrance road to the pennine sailing club and a little car park on the left. I've done quite a bit of cycling around that neck of the woods and it is quite remote but obviously only in the daylight so would have to check it out for myself and let you all know.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and been reading this thread for a couple of days now. I'd like to join in when another meet is arranged as i'm not far from wakefield being about a 5min drive from new millar dam area.I've not bought a scope yet but in the process of looking. Damian
  7. Thanks for the welcome to everyone, and to the offers of help and opportunities to get out there and meet a few star gazers in the field great stuff. Damian
  8. Hello to everyone, I'm Damian a complete novice from Barnsley south yorks. I've looked up at the stars for many years and like quite a few members of SGL it was my dad who pointed the stars and constellations out to me when I was young. I don't as yet have a telescope but I'm actively looking to buy one and have read lots on the forums about the bewildering amount of kit out there and which is best for a beginner. Thanks for the great site and info its helping lots. Also been following the Wakefield area thread and the members seem to be a great bunch so I'll drop them a line or two and hopefully share some clear skies with them.
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