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  1. Nice addition if not entirely astro related Rich and sorry I've only just picked up on it.

    Hope all is going well down there and you are enjoying the cycling. If and when my health improves I hope to get back into it myself one day.

    Scope is progressing albeit slowly but I'm sure you'll be as eager to see it as I am.


  2. Have the pitch but just haven't had the time to do anything with it!!will hopefully cast the lap tomorrow afternoon then cut the channels before the weekend then be back to polishing.i can now se how people take years to make a mirror!

    I'll agree fella as were well into our second year of this! Hope the channels are now cut 

  3. Nice to have another entry from you Rich. You've had a bit of a rough ride with the health lately.

    I'm looking for definite at a new lap as it's down to less than 2mm on the edges.

    I'm at about 12 hours polish but due to the lap thinning the contact has been poor so it is hazy in the middle but getting better.

    Looks like I'll be making the trip up to see John to hopefully acquire some more pitch just hope he's got some?

    On another note the aluminium for the scope truss poles is sat in my lounge ready for the scope builds.

    I have also ordered the focuser so tin itch to start the builds is getting nearer

    Just wish I was a little nearer the end of the mirror

    Hopefully your MoJo and health will return soon as mine as you know has had it's big ups and downs


  4. Shame that Rich. I need to send some Ronchi images to John see how he thinks mine should progress? I am thinking of ordering the ply and truss poles for delivery next week fella so will be able to make a start on the dual build so I'm sure you'll have the mirror sorted before its finished!



  5. The plan is to take it to john for final checking before it goes to be coated plus im in email contact with john if I get to a point im not sure about.I wouldnt have got anywhere near where I am now without John and also damian who is doing the other 22" grind.its been great to swap ideas and techniques.the figuring is the bit im not confidnt about. Tbh anyone with patience could get to where I am now.

    Yeah would have been nice to see the tour winding through the dales :)

    Firstly nice bike fella and well done on the job front down there, it looks like you'll be well away on that I wish I could ride to work but its a proper set of dangerous roads to get to my place of work.


    Back to the grinding and nice to chat on the phone and work out where I've been picking up the silly scratches from. It's nice to finally see some polish on the surface and the blank nearing the final stages. I think your under estimating the progress you've made up to now Rich as not just anyone could get to where you or both of us are now (me with my scratches and chip and all that!) 

    As you say it has helped both of us doing it at the same time as there have been plenty of times when morale has been lacking but we've kept at it.


    Well done up to now and be nice to eventually have the scopes finished and side by side, but will like all three together eventually just for a few photos as it will be the only time they'll ever be together.


    Keep up the good work and riding as its a great pass time I'll be able to throw the mountain bike in too now!

  6. Another go at grinding today Rich. I removed the scratches I had with the 400 and went onto the 600 for an hour. Got a good hour with no scratches and only a few pits around the edge when dried off and checked.

    Went for another session and the first few strokes I could tell something was amiss especially when I saw a small fleck of tile on the blank. Removed tool and checked. Another scratch! Gutted 3hours to go backwards!

  7. Nice write up there again Rich. I see the diamond disc has proved invaluable again.

    I have had 20min's with the new 400grit this aft trying to get those scratches out and will continue tomorrow till they're gone and move back onto the 600alu oxide. Hopefully will be something like by Monday and the shine with 600 is amazing.

    I can't wait till the tile tool is done with as that means the final furlong is upon us fella. Great read and I shall continue with the good work up that there north whilst you carry on with the daily grind down there. Fingers crossed those galaxies won't be as far away by September.


  8. Nice write up there crash. I've done an hour with my tile tool this weekend and i'm getting a good contact with it now.

    Shame I've not got time to do a detailed write up but I'll leave that up to you as your doing a great job of it.Did you use the diamond disc to trim the tiles after they'd set?

    I'm now thinking I've gone from too much over hang to not enough as the edge seems to be staying where it is?

    I'll forward on John's mail tomorrow with a couple of pic's of my tile tool as it stands and then you'll know how to start off.

  9. Well done Rich all that grinding slurry reminds me of a few week's ago and I need to crack on with mine again.

    I've cleaned the edge up on my cement tile too today after the week its had to set but still not got the tiles to stick on as I've been busy with the builds fella.

    Should have some more pics to email you shortly.

    I'm beginning to see distant galaxies at the end of the very long tunnel!

    Let me know when you want the former as your not far off now ;-)

  10. Tested it out last night and initially dissapoinyed that the views aren't as bright as my 15x70 binos then realised that one eye is never as good as two on similar aperture.think I want a slightly zoomier eyepice too as the supplied 23mm at 328mm fl isn't quite enough.nice and light though!!!

    Wont bend the truss tubes then he he!

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