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  1. I like the idea with the van! (can see a new section on here soon) A bit like storm chasers on telly N.B. welcome.
  2. Hi and welcome from not so yellow totton!
  3. Had similar, at work driving near swindon (m4 to be exact) nice clear skies about 2am got home about 4am to.........cloud!!!!
  4. Being new to this I am still treading cautiously! only started in January. so i still need to think about which way to go .... I would like to have a go at astrophotography probably starting with the moon (easy target big round blob, cant miss?) and move on from there! the trouble comes with the SWMBO and having three school aged daughters. Oldest looking at going to bath uni in the autumn if she gets the grades, Middle one just about to start college and youngest just about to start GCSE.s so the lust is there but the cash might be gone before i realize the ambition. but what major bit of kit do i upgrade first, I quite like my scope but find the tripod a bit wobbly especially after changing an eye piece and needing to refocus. but it's still a hobby, although some times a little frustrating with the limited setup i have!
  5. Andy what are you using as a computer? Just hard disk/ ram/ processor, as i think The size of the files alone would hang my beastie.... as for tweaking it? to quote the tv show "you have achieved perfection"
  6. Got the app too after going to the south downs planetarium in chichester last year! not so many passes of the ISS but loads of flares to see at the moment, i have not looked at the accuracy so could not comment on it. colin
  7. as a personal preference i like the second one! dont ask me why.....
  8. Hi very good pic! what software/ setup are you using
  9. I have just made (moded) an asda cam, following instructions on here. didn't want to spend too much too begin with as i am new to the hobby! managed to get a reasonable shot of the moon last week but my manipulation skills are letting me down at the moment..... I only took 10 frames so not enough to give a good picture anyway, but hope to get better buy the way I am using sharpcap and registax software hope this helps colin
  10. I came in early from work last night (2.30 am) and as it was clear i decided to set up and have a look! first target saturn! a quick look on skeye to get the general direction. align the finderscope....25 mm ep and an elliptical blob apears......focus .....I think im there......looking promising...... 2x barlow ....yes i can see the rings.... YOU BEAUTY!!!! Tried the 10mm ep and refocused yes still good.......barlowed again...... re focus and im now chasing saturn across the night sky.....not easy on my setup every time i adjust the RA i get a slight wobble but only to be expected on my mount i supose! Polar alignment good as i didnt need to do adjust dec! so all in all a good end to the day!!!! QUESTION TIME I could not see the Cassini division so do i need a smaller ep 8 mm or so, or a beter quality ep? am i getting near the limits of my setup
  11. Bit early to tell, windy at the moment, and had a few showers!! need to get out to try my hand with asdacam hope for a few shots of the moon to play with.(fingers crossed)... but i need to balance that with getting up at 5 to go to work
  12. thanks for the quick reply ant I think it was a phishing attack as i had just finished reinstaling xp, it has put my mind at rest. i don't intend running it as a network computer just to grab and store images from sharpcap! but will run antivirus anyway! colin
  13. well i hope i gave everybody a heads up... I just find it amazing how they can name sgl in the page!
  14. Don't know if I spelt it right! Quick question for the administrators.. are they offering ipads and iphone 5's for filling in questionaire's prior to entering the site? The reason I ask is that i have just re-installed win xp on an old machine I built five or so years ago, on loading chrome as my preferred browser and clicking on sgl I had a popup come up asking me to fill in a questionaire about how often i visit the site! The questions seemed a bit rudimentary so i clicked through to the end where it wanted my details! (so smelling a rat) i closed the page! I was going to get a screen grab but that was an after thought........might still have the web link though..
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