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  1. Cheers Themos, That's what I need..nice and simple. Point it down a bit if the star in the east climbs, point it up bit if sinks... Nice and simple for me. Regards Keithp
  2. He he, I've given up for tonight...work tomorrow,.. erm azimuth? that's left and right...on the keypad? Sorry, appreciate your help but this is a relative newbie trying this method out. After I'd done a 3 star alignment I went for Altair, put the crosshairs on it and then moved the mount left and right on the controller and orientated the eyepiece so the crosshairs kept the star on the left to right horizontal. And it stayed there after 10 mins... switched to Mirach in the East and did the same thing but noticed Micrach climbed up the north or upright axis on the crosshairs, bearing in mind I did the same thing ie moved it left and right with the controller and it stayed on the horizontal line. So I need to get my head around which counter movement I need to make to sort that..or adjust it one way or the other. Regards Keithp Hope it helps anyone else drift aligning.
  3. okay it's drifting up, as I look at it. Bear in mind when use the left and right keys it moves along that line in the crosshairs.. So I should move the mount so the star appears to move down in the eyepiece... 2 secs, brb
  4. right, now gone for mirach in the east, done the same thing, ie if I move the mount using the left and right keys it goes down a straight line on the crosshairs ie east to west as you view through the eyepiece. Leaving it for 10 mins to see what happens
  5. okay altair is still in the cross hairs and using the keypad on the controller I move it left and right and it stays on the line as I lined it up previously, so now I'm moving to another target
  6. hmm, that was tricky but I managed it. The first target is Altair, due south and to the west of the (and forgive me if I get this wrong) but that line overhead which is 0 hours.. gulp I take a caning for that one. okay got altair in the sights, right in the middle of the cross hairs, moved the scope east to west and made sure it goes along the horizontal lines on the crosshairs.. 10 mins and see what happens. Now please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm looking for drift up and down, ignoring, for the moment left or right..yes?
  7. okay, polarfinder has the ncp at about 09:00 ish, little bit after. I have Polaris on the line as mentioned before and if I rotate the scope round it's smack in the centre of the small circle. Now doing the 3 star alignment to kick in the tracking... flipping full moon, maybe not the best night to try this but here we go
  8. erm, check polarfinder first:D Just moving out to the obsy now..and not forgetting to switch the power on..doh!
  9. :headbang:awh Ken, sorry mate never realised you were down south.. Many thanks for your pointers though. Themos, cheers I'll try that, many thanks. Okay what I'm going to do is suck it and see.. no disrespect to anyone who's answered on this but it looks like I'll record and see, make adjustments and see what the result is. Let's go...camera is left in the house..
  10. Many thanks Ken, about to start shortly. If I get a movement of the star, and assuming I'm nearly but not perfectly aligned, what sort of movement would I expect over say a 10 minute period and then what sort of correction would I apply. That is the degree of correction in relation to the movement of the target. That's the toughie on this one. I'll post up what I do. Just looking for some initial pointers from anyone who has done this. Regards Keithp
  11. Hello All, Sky is looking good tonight so I intend attempting drift alignment for my pier mounted EQ6. At the moment everytime I check with polarfinder I find Polaris sitting on the circle in the polar scope eyepiece, that is the large circle around the crosshairs. If I swing the scope round to view the star through the polar alignment scope the small circle has Polaris in the middle. (That is at the time indicated by polarfinder.) Now that would suggest a pretty good alignment and to be honest I've done 3 minutes unguided and no trails. I want to nail it down exactly. Now I have purchased an illuminated eyepiece (12mm meade jobbie). This might be a difficult question to answer but.... What sort of movement would I expect the target star to move up or down the N/S axis in the eyepiece and what sort of adjustment are we looking at to counter that, say if the star drifted up or down by half the radius of the field of view? That is after 10 mins if it had drifted one way or the other by a half of the radius what would the corrective move of the mount axis in relation to the view of Polaris be..for example to move it from the centre of the small circle in the polar scope to the edge. Do you see what I mean? Toughie I know, many variables but this is the 1st time I've attempted this. Regards Keith
  12. Cheers for that Anthony. I must admit my other suspicion may have dew on the secondary, but I'll certainly give the colimation a once over as well. I had checked it a few nights ago and with it being pier mounted didn't bother this time. Regards Keithp
  13. Here's a cut from the M1 tiff. No processing after stacking. All as I've done is loaded it into Paint .net to cut this portion out and save as a tiff. Not very good on closer inspection. I think I need some (a lot) more data. Any one want to have a go a teasing some more out of it? Regards Keithp Cut2_M1.tif
  14. Here's one of the 300 second exposures of M42. Still working on M1. Although I spent more time on that than any other I'm not getting very good results. Probably need alot more to see any detail my best efforts so far have resulted in a slight orangy smudge with very little detail. Any one else with experience on M1 got any advice. Regards All Keithp
  15. Well the best night I've had in ages, little bit of the fluffy stuff around 01:00 then clear all the way. Still got the roof off letting it evaporate any dew left in there. Close that later. In the end I went for 4 targets, not so much as a dedicated 1 image all night type of session. So I got M31, M1, M42 and IC434. Thats Andromeda, Crab Nebula, Orion Nebula and the horsehead. The autoguiding seems to be working well. After I moved to each target it then calibrated itself and was away. Much better than non guided, in DSS very little shift between the stacks as they go together. I think what puzzled me before was how far back the imaging camera has to be and the timings...course started off on .2 sec loops and found it difficult to locate a guide star. Then it dawned on me upped it to .5 and a lot more became visible...doh! It's been that long since I've done any post processing I think I'm gonna have to read all the tutorials again. I'll post what I've got a little later after I've had a play. Don't think it will be too good as I didn't really concentrate on one target all night. Regards All Keithp
  16. Hello All, for what feels like the first time since I built the observatory we have clear skies here. It's 02:46, I'm crouched down typing this as I image the Crab Nebula, not done that one yet. I'll post up what I get tomorrow. Reminder to self, get chair and table next. I've actually got auto guiding working for the first time so as much as anything it's a test to see what the kit will do. Next step is eqmod control with the computer Regards All
  17. Just finished re-installing XP pro on my acer 7738g. Fed up with too many problems with Windows 7. Must admit it was a Win64bit install but it would appear the local software guru's are 32bit orientated. Should add it was 64 Win 7 I installed Any one else had problems?
  18. I started by locating where the pier would go. The shed would be moved to accomotate this. If you're not thinking about a shed/roll on/roll off roof then I think you should conscentrate on what you're going to dig out and why. I Knew the limits of what my site would give me so my main concern was setting the pier height in relation to the walls of the shed. It worked... pretty well although I've now modded the south wall. Regards Keithp I need a speel checker! I really wouldn't muck around with putting a pipe inside to reduce any sort of weight. Dig as deep as you can go but remember to do the final pour into the mount former the day after the base has been laid, and no longer. This allows the chemical reaction between the base and the former to take place..
  19. I can appreciate the need to run cables to the mount with your original thought, but stabilty is priority. See here http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-observatories/109863-been-bit-busy.html Setting up inside with a table and chair. I used a 450mm wide tube, got an eq6 mounted on it on an adapter plate from ambermile. The platform underneath is what I'd expect as a minimum, probably a bit lucky as I hit clay pretty early on in the dig otherwise I think I'd have gone down to 3ft deep. PM me if you need any further details from the pier point of view. Regards Keithp
  20. had a few problems with the ascom drivers not talking to the mount, sort that out later though. Switched to M52, never done that one before.. Nice to see I'm not on my lonesome tonight:D Regards All Keithp
  21. Hi All, Out in the new observatory, shooting at everything! first clear night since I finished it..redoing M31 again.. Doing some test runs next on ol' Jupiter with the 17mm Hyperion, see how it goes. It's great to be out again. Bring it on Autumn. Anyone else out tonight? Regards Keithp
  22. Well that was a disasterous failure... note to self. Check the equipment in the observatory works when hooked up the same as the stuff you hooked up in the computer room!!!! One good thing, I got all the scopes aligned, guider, main scope and both finder scopes all looking at the same star..hmm, just gotta sort the flippin software out now.. Clouds drawing in so not worth anything further tonight. Tomorrow looks like a wash out too, so hopefully I'll up date later this week when the weather picks up. Mind... loved the fact that it took 10 mins from deciding not to go any further to sitting here with a stella.....observatories rule ok :-) Regards Keithp
  23. My modded wall is south, I can get down to 0 degrees for an arc of about ESE to WSW and thereafter 25/30 degrees anywhere else. Although my northern view is blocked a bit (neighbours leilandie, but not too much of a problem...they're dying off slowly).
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