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  1. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if avi files can be loaded up. I got some of the moon I did over the weekend which I chopped down in size to 6000KB. Would that be too big? Regards All
  2. This gets so funny it's unbelieveable. I actually managed to get through to the customer care on on the phone on Tuesday 24th , a very helpfull lady took the details of the problem, refused to take the order number I wanted to give her but used my name to pull the order from their database. Then said she would ring me back. She did, about 15 mins later and said it was despatched but they didn't use recorded delivery so there were no details. I told her I had not received the item. No problem she would re-order it and it would be with me before the weekend. Okay away you go then. A package arrived today 27th March. The last one in the 3 pics is what I ordered. My orginal order was for the Opticstar Eyepiece Projection Kit priced £8.80.... What I got was some adjustable camera adapter that looks nothing like what I ordered... I give up.. I've hopefully attached the pictures of what I ordered and what I received, note the packaging and the 'address label', very professional. This is the last time I use them!
  3. Not sure if this is the right place for this, appologies if it's the wrong place. Is anyone else having problems with telescopeplanet? Luckily I've only ordered an eyepeice adapter worth about £8 but that was back on the 10th March 2009 and its now 23rd March 2009. I remember a similar delay for a barlow lens before this. I've an email reply from a Simon Heard, that was on the 18th saying it was in the post and would be with me next day....Some hope! Tried ringing them and was on hold no matter which department I went through to. I think this will be the last time I order anything from them! Thanks heavens its only a small order and not for a couple of hundred or more! Regards All P.S. do we have a forum for rating suppliers, both good and bad?
  4. I agree with Ian, took me 2 months just wait for Saturn...complete nubie tho' Patients, pacience or what ever is the virtue of something or other... Regards all KP
  5. okay, newbie here I have just seen Saturn... after waitng since January 2009 with the new scope. To any people who get disappointented like I did, don't give up. I've took some pics of the moon, done the colour upping and got some nice results, by my standards anyway, heh, my hobby! and thanks to this site. Any way... back to Saturn... got a skywatcher 250px dob, used a meade #126 barlow + the standard 25mm that comes with the scope and went straight to the ringed planet, thanks to Sky6, really good programme. Saw the planet and what appeared to me 4 moons, excellent. The luminence of the planet was quite a supprise, I thought it might be a little more yellow/orange ish. Perhaps some of the more experienced people can offer advice on that. Now looking at trying to take some pictures of the newly found wonder in the sky. I am using a Fujifilm s5700 that I can hook up to the scope lens using the baader click stop or a 46mm T adapter with the barlow which, incidently got me a cool pic of a woody in a tree about 300yds away.... the side effects of setting up the focus..:-) Regards All Keith
  6. Just waiting for the clouds to clear (fat chance this weekend) but noticed when I was testing it out the other day although I could not focus properly the image seemed to look like a negative....found out, of course, the original lense on the webcam had an IR filter built in. Read a couple of posts elsewhere that removing it can enhance the picture under certain conditions, does anyone know anything relating to this? Would I be best getting an IR filter to put between the lense and ccd chip? Regards Alll
  7. After being a bit too impatient with my scope, and then the happy warm glow of getting my first luna pic , quite proud of that actually...I decided to utilize some of the junk I have lying around. Got my 1.25 eyepieces that came with the scope (skywatcher 250px) and looked at the spare logitec webcam I had lying around, 640 x 480 recording, and thought...hang on, the lens size of the cam is very close to the eyepiece size...Heh out with the dremil and very quickly an interference fit for 1.25 eps and the camera front body. Removed the lense, the tube to the ccd chip and slotted the eyepiece in... looking good so far. Day time out to the workshop and hooked it all up to the laptop, put the eyepiece in the scope and tried to focus the setup.. problem... no objects in sight to focus down on but at least getting an image on the laptop... just waiting for the clouds to clear, Monday (02/02/2009) next week looks good though if we get good weather for some trials on the Moon. Going to try the avi route and registax, anyone got any opinions whether this will work or not? Regards All KP I'll post up the first couple of tries here (if thats okay moderators)
  8. Forget the Saturn look, fogged out! Might try setting the alarm for early morning.
  9. As a total newbie, had the scope since a couple of weeks before Christmas... The last couple of nights has been the moon for me.. got a few pics, well pleased. I will try to improve. Regards All
  10. Many thanks for the reply Talitha, I think I know what the problem is regarding the results I had tonight, higher magnification = less light I can see it but the camera cannot. Not so much a request for help as I didn't want to overload this thread with my 'new found' imaging capabilities and get posting to the wrong forum. The start of this was my dissapointment with the things I could /could not see, I can appreciate now, having seen what I have, that I need to be a bit more patient. I was just looking for somewhere to post to and accepting any critique, just didn't want to post to the wrong one. I like the problem solving and rewards (personal) when sorting it out. Saturns up shortly, may just stay up and give it a go Does that make sense? Bear in mind I'm a total newbie at this, but when I compare my first images of the moon taken with my Fuji s5700 on a tripod zoomed to the optical max and then what I can achieve now is like 'one giant leap for mankind' By the way.. like the picture, you look striking Regards All
  11. I think I need to get the title changed for this thread, maybe something along the lines of 'Trying to run before I can walk!'. Just been out (-3C already) and got a load more pictures of the moon, this time with varying results. But the ones with the 10mm lense are a bit dimmer, but I think I know the reason why. Which is the best forum to post to regarding these and also so I don't want to overladen this one with my newbie wows. Many thanks to MartinB for tolerating my enthusiasm with the moon pic, even after I realised (I think) its upside down. Got to get me a moon map as I think at the moment for wow factor its where its at. Luna/Solar forum ? (but they have expert pictures compared to mine) Regards All
  12. Cheers MartinB. Today the moon tomorrow...wait till the SLR arrives later in the year after Christmas recovery. Then I'll hook up one of my spare computers and motorize the scope, can't wait
  13. Many thanks for your help MartinB. Just brought the scope in, frost on it already! I'll try again..here goes center] (click to enlarge) HEy it worked! Errm.. I just noticed..I think its upside down :laughing3:
  14. I don't get it. The message said I had successfully posted the picture but its not here...Anyone?
  15. Cept I can't post the pic :crybaby: Trying again
  16. Okay...I take it all back... just got my first viewing of the moon and caught this just holding the camera at the eyepiece. Any critical comments welcomed Already got an adapter to hold the camera to the eyepeice on order. Happy bunny with this
  17. Many thanks for all the encouragement and some of the suggestions. Don't worry not giving up yet. I've got TheSky6 installed on my laptop which I take out with me. Useful programme as I can use it to navigate around with and also advance time to work out what times the interesting stuff is up and where to look. I suppose my problem is the cold weather compounded with the really interesting stuff not coming over till well into the early hours. I did get some views of venus last night and will try again tonight, but last night it got down to -4C and when a layer of frost was coating the scope thats when I gave in. I will see if I can wait until after midnight and have a go for the Orion nebula tonight. Regards All
  18. Hi Ron, thanks for the reply. I'm seeing nice sharp views of stars but with the 10 and 25 eyepieces with the scope I was hoping to see a bit more detail, maybe a bit of running before I walk,,,. Too late fore tonight, I'm 50 23 minuites ago. Scope is safe in the conservatory. :-)
  19. Just brought the tube in, covered in frost... bit cold out there
  20. Hello all, 23:14 day before my 50th.... 27/12/2008. got the 250px out on the back garden, orions up but using the standard eyepieces that came with it I don't see any spectacluar sights, waiting for saturn to come up.. will I see anything better. Maybe I need a 2Xbarlow to see the sort of stuff I was hoping for.Do I need a new set of eyepieces to bring the best out of this tube. Don't get me wrong..I am a total newbie at this and the stars in focus are spectacular, even caught Venus before it went down, half planet. Any one got some targets to go for, moons out at the moment Regards All KP
  21. Many thanks for such a warm welcome. I'm actually in a little village near Crewkerne, no street lights and inky black skys. Took it out in the back garden last night just for a quick peek but not got the finder scope all lined up yet so just had a quick look around...amazing, sure blows the binos out of the water. Hopefully later today will get the finder lined up then try a few targetted objects. Anybody got any suggestions for my first targetted views? Regards All
  22. Yehheh. Bloke with a white beard just landed early... Now the proud owner of a shiney white telescopie thingie.... Next the observatory (well okay a workshop converted into one) ;-)
  23. Hello everyone, found the site yesterday while at work (I know I should be working but we were a bit quiet) Just checked my tracking number for a parcel of goodies expected to land this am. Contents: 1 X Skywatcher 250px Dob :cheers: My very first telescope!
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