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    From the album: Deep Sky Stuff

  2. Thanks AB, I actually have a Skywatcher motor focuser but looks like I will need to make a complete custom bracket as the GT102 looks quite different to your 66. Also after a quick look there isn't anywhere to actually bolt the bracket too. Might just drop WO an email to see if they know what others have done.
  3. Hi all, I have a WO GT102 and I'd like to know if other owners out there can help me understand what options I have for adding a motor to the existing focuser. Is it possible to kept the existing focuser, which I like, rather than forking out for something like the Moonlite focuser and stepper motor? Thanks for any advice!
  4. Hi all, can anyone recommend a tripod for the Star Adventurer? Was thinking of the Konig KN-TRIPOD100 or even a used EQ3-2 tripod.
  5. Hi, Just wondering if you had done any more testing with the DV-7000?
  6. Is the WO GT-102 any good?

  7. Hi! I saw and had a play with the William Optics GT-102 Triplet Refractor at AstroFest in London some time ago and had made up my mind that this was going to be the perfect scope for me. I already have two newts (SW150P and a SW200P) and do a lot of imaging with them, but have wanted to join the frac fraternity for some time. So I have saved up for the scope and the dedicated 0.8x Reducer Flattener 6 and am now ready to buy. However, I have not yet as I have not seen any independent reviews of this scope. Is there anyone out there that has some experience with it? I know the GTF gets rave reviews and I am betting that the GT with 0.8x Reducer Flattener 6 will be just as good (enough for me) for less money.
  8. I have both the 150P and a 200P. What ronin says is right, for visual the 200P gathers more light and once your eyes are properly adjusted you can pick up more detail with the bigger diameter. Size and weight are an issue in terms of mobility and also payload your mount can take. I wouldn't use anything less than an EQ6 for a 250P or a 200P if configured for imaging. If you do go for the 200P I would suggest that getting a Skywatcher 0.9x Coma Corrector and a Skywatcher ED Deluxe 2x 2" Barlow Lens are worthwhile accessories.
  9. RobAro


    Shots of the moon
  10. RobAro

    Partial Mare Imbrium

    From the album: Lunar

    © Rob Aro

  11. Did you have a resolution for this? Hope you have. I am considering buying the QHY5L-II mono for guiding, but would also like to try planetery and deep sky as well.
  12. As a DSLR owner I have found Digital SLR Astrophotography by Michael A. Covington to be very good. Good insight for Canon and Nikon owners. IMHO its the best for a beginner with a DSLR.
  13. Am just getting into AP myself and have found Digital SLR Astrophotography by Michael A. Covington a real must read if you intend to use your DSLR well.
  14. Wishing for clear sky!

  15. RobAro

    IMG 0240 1024

    From the album: Lunar

    "as is" shot using Cannon 5D MkII attached to Skywatcher 150P and 2x Barlow
  16. Hi All, An new to this forum (joined 20 mins ago in fact!) and am looking to upgrade from my EQ3-2 mount to an HEQ5 PRO Synscan. However, one thing I cant seem to find is any info on power supply. When you take your mounts "into the field" how on earth go you power them? Do you have to make sure your car is close by and run power from it, or do you also have to carry a battery? I have had lots of fun over the past year using my SW 150P on the EQ3-2 observing the planets and am beginning to dabble with AP so the HEQ5 PRO Synscan seems like a natural next step, but what else do I need to buy to power it? Cheers, Rob.
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