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  1. I went for the HEQ5 with Syntrek. Very pleased with the mount. Eventually I used EQMOD to upgrade to a GoTo system. This was at no extra cost. If you can get a gamepad to connect to your laptop it will help with star alignment. It's a little awkward slewing the scope onto a star using just the laptop. I couldn't link the gamepad to Windows 8 so I upgraded to the GoTo handset, which did cost a bit more that I would have liked. My scope wasn't quite suited to imaging however. A SW Evostar 150. I'll probably have to bite the bullet and acquire a 150 PDS as well. And a guider. And a DSLR with MLU. Oh well, another expensive learning curve.... Ed
  2. All For those interested I think I might have discovered why the mount was behaving the way it did. For some reason the park position was set with declination +90. Being so close to Polaris I was using this as a quick one-star alignment. With large changes in RA resulting in small changes in the position of Polaris, it was impossible to get a good sync. Since then I have been using stars with a much lower declination for syncing. Seems to work fine now. Cheers Ed
  3. Interesting Jamie, How does the web cam act as a guide scope? Is there some software solution? Sounds cheaper than the Synguider or Baader LVI. Nathan The Preseli Astronomy Group can be found at http://www.pasgroup.org.uk/ Meet first Tuesday of each month at Letterston community hall, 1900 hrs. Cheers Ed
  4. Are you in the Preseli Astronomy Group, Letterston?
  5. Thanks for that Helen. I seem to have fixed the problem but I'm not entirely sure how. I tried reversing the scope, clearing all previous syncs in EQMOD, shutting everything down and starting again. Now the scope seems to track where I ask it to go using CdC. Need to try it out for real now - lets hope these clouds stay away.... Cheers Ed
  6. A 150p it is then. And a modded guide scope.... Thanks for all your help. Ed
  7. I'm in Hazelbeach, near Milford Haven. Ed
  8. EQMOD and CdC are both set to my local Lat/Long. Both with correct N & W designations. It's probably something simple but the solution still evades me. All this to save money on the GoTo handset! Oh well... must crack on. Ed
  9. I've tried manually pointing at a star (Polaris in this case) and it always returns to that spot when I ask it in CdC. It just seems to go the wrong way when I ask it to look at something else. As I said, the declination seems about right, but I'm guessing it's reversed the RA. Mmmmmm... Ed
  10. Helen After some research I've found the LST in EQMOD is the local sidereal time, which is about 12 hours different to local mean time at the moment. So it would seem that EQMOD and CdC agree in time and position. Oh well, back to the drawing board... Ed
  11. Helen It looks like EQMOD has a 12 hour difference in the time setting to CdC. That would explain the RA problem. Now I just have to figure out how to set the correct time in EQMOD. Many thanks for that. Back to the laptop... Ed
  12. Hi I've been trying to get my HEQ5 upgraded to GOTO spec using the Carte du ciel program and ASCOM/EQMOD. I can get it to point to the park position (Polaris for some reason) but when I select another object it seems to get the declination ok but the RA is the wrong way round. Selecting a star in Cassiopea sends the scope point to the east instead of the west. I've tried checking the "Reverse RA" box in the ASCOM software, but no joy there. Any ideas before I tear my hair out? (What's left of it) Cheers Ed
  13. BTW can you double up on the Samyang using a 2x converter? I have some converters for my old Olympus OM10. May need something a bit more modern though. Ed
  14. Thanks A G I've been looking at the SW Synguider as a standalone solution. Might give that a go. Cheers Ed
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