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  1. I'm visual only, visual only, not tempted to get a camera. Camera, bad, bad. Must stroke eyepieces.

    1. Luke


      Gosh, to my surprise, there is movement from my wife Sarah. I need to get a job first. Although I could maybe raise funds from selling some board games, she thinks my £200 lappy might not be up to the job! Might need a few other bits n bobs. Yeah maybe if I am going to get back into it I should wait until I can do it in a way that feels like an upgrade on where I was at. More pixels, bigger chip, new h-a filter. <off to check job ads>

    2. Luke


      Hmmm, and now I am changing my mind again! Yes, BAD camera!

      <sigh> Will the temptation ever go away? Is there no hope for ex-imagers? I shall try using my binoviewer as spectacles for a while, see if that helps.

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