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  1. Yes Jupiter was good tonight. I had some very detailed views through my binoviewers. I saw a feature in the SEB that I haven't seen before - it was like a small GRS but brown rather than red. It had clear light separation from the rest of the SEB. Looking forward to more Jupiter action as the opposition approaches. I haven't seen a shadow transit for a good while so I'm going to aim for one of these of the next week or so.
  2. Yes still got the DL but it's too long to be stable on my porta 2 so using the DF tonight for the comparison. For ease of use the DF is very impressive given its compactness. I was lucky with the T-Rex, I only got it last summer - must of been one of the last ones. It is brilliant and the slo mo controls give it a real edge imo.
  3. John, you are spot on! There is a real difference in resolution which is a relief since the TEC is certainly more of a lump. First time I've done a side by side of my scopes. Cool down of the TEC seems very quick to me. Tonight I was getting sharp images at 150x+ within about 20 mins. I think being oil spaced helps in this regard. Tonight has also shown me that the porta 2 is on its limit with the 100DF even with the better legs. Using the T-Rex the TEC is rock solid even with a bit of wind.
  4. I'm hoping that the aperture difference will show itself quite clearly...
  5. Interesting point about observing over a roof Stu. I moved house 3 years ago and in my back garden I'm often observing away from neighbours roofs unlike my previous place. I've had much better views of Jupiter in the last couple of years so possibly this is the reason. (I guess the TEC 140 may have also helped tonight 😉)
  6. I normally stay under 200x for Jupiter but decided to use my 3.5mm Pentax xw for a change - can't remember the last time I used this eyepiece. The magnification was 280x and Jupiter looked amazing - seeing must be very decent tonight. Really surprised. GRS showing as dark orange, almost red.
  7. I've had some very clear views of the GRS. Even showed my partner who was relatively impressed 😳 Nice little session.
  8. TEC tonight - it's still a novelty. M42 looking great through the binoviewers and I think the scope is virtually cooled now.
  9. Just put my daughters to bed, and your post has prompted me to set my scope up for the transit. Hopefully seeing will be ok. After the last few years, its a bit of a shock to see Jupiter so low in the sky though.
  10. I did get 2 14mm ES 62 eyepieces for binoviewing but the eye relief was too short for me so I returned them. I was a bit disappointed given they are described as having long eye relief.
  11. Obviously Taks are not cheap, but compared to AP, TEC and even televue ethos eyepieces, I think they are "relatively" good value, particularly the FC100. Maybe that accounts for some of the increased discussion and purchasing?
  12. Here is my binoviewing kit: Baader mark v binoviewer with baader t2 Zeiss prism diagonal 2 x 8.5mm Pentax xf 2 x 24mm televue panoptic baader 1.25x, 1.7x (which is actually 1.5x!) 1.8x, and 2.6x Glasspath correctors On my scopes these give magnifications from 40x to 200x. The key aspect I like about binoviewing is the comfort of viewing through two eyes rather than one (but I need to use rubber winged eye shields to cut out light glare) - once set up the views are really immersive. They are a bit fiddly to set up well ensuring that each eye is focused properly. I had a set of WO binoviewers and didn't get on with them - I think the collimation wasn't as good as the baader mark v.
  13. I've been thinking about the views I had of Jupiter last night compared to recent years. Previously I hadn't been very interested in the moons apart from shadow transits and I mainly focused on Jupiter's surface (GRS, cloud bands etc). However last night, the moons stood out (3 of them anyway, I think Io was hiding behind Jupiter). As I mentioned in my previous post the moons were very disc like but in addition they were very different colours. In particular I think Callisto stood out as reddish brown. I've not noticed this before - maybe it's the extra aperture (140mm to 100mm)? Another aspect for me to look at more in the coming weeks. Has anyone seen any surface detail on the moons - I guess this would take some serious magnification?
  14. And it wasn't a particularly good one since the seeing was pretty awful - Jupiter was boiling a fair bit. However it's one of (if not the) favourite object for me, so it was good to see it again after a long gap. Also it was the first time I have viewed Jupiter through my TEC140 and its moons were the most disc-like I've seen which was very promising. Nearly dropped the scope on take down which made my heart beat a bit faster - it's much more top heavy than my other scopes which caught me out a little.
  15. They look similar to my parallax 95mm rings which I sourced from the US.