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  1. Is there any specific direction a shed should face or direction the roof should roll off? I want to make sure I haven't overlooked this item before I get too deep into prep work Thanks!
  2. Did you try to operate the equipment in the winter? Sent from my X9007 using Tapatalk
  3. I've been following the tooltip to deal with satellites so far. I'm glad to hear they are effective with aircraft as well so long as a reasonable number of subs are taken. Thanks a lot for your time guys. Sent from my X9007 using Tapatalk
  4. I live within 25 miles of an airport and I want to build an observatory in the backyard of my newly-purchased home but I'm concerned about the low-ish flying airplanes that essentially fly right over my house. How many subs do I need to reliabily remove the trails when stacking in PI? I'm sort of concerned about this since I want to take 15-30 minute narrowband subs and it's possible a plane may fly over every 30 minutes. Perhaps I won't see much in a narrowband sub anyways? Can someone please offer me some reassurance on this matter? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I'm from a city in Canada that can get to -30C (or colder) during the winter. I'm planning on building a roll-off roof observatory in my the back yard of my house this winter and want to know if I can at least store my equipment in here in the winter. I'm using an NEQ6, 80mm refractor, ATIK CCD/filter wheel, ZWO ASI120MM guide camera etc. Secondly, it would be nice to roll off the roof when the temperature is around -20C and do some imaging from within my house (I will be able to control it remotely). I'm quite concerned about the mount in terms of lubrication, not to mention the capa
  6. Looks nice, but maybe a little hard on the HDR tool in PI? At least that's what it looks like you were using to me.
  7. The drivers to reflash the SSAG as a QHY5 are only available for use on Windows XP. That's what I meant
  8. Thanks for the post. Unfortunately the drivers only work on Windows XP! I don't know what to do now. Perhaps just buy a QHY5?
  9. I've been having issues with the starshoot autoguider guide camera and phd guiding; the whole camera output shifts for a short period randomly and causes the correction to jump for no reason. Seems like a driver issue that I can't correct. The starshoot camera came as part of the 50mm magnificent mini guiding package, so I already have a guide scope. I don't need ST4 guiding as I use pulseguiding with EQmod. Primary imaging scope is 80mm f/6 apo FYI. Recommendations for a new guide cam?
  10. Anyone interested in long focal length AP must consider auto-guiding a necessary part of the process. It's unnecessary to try to acheive your level of guiding from the mount itself when inexpensive (relatively) hardware/software is specifically designed to pick up the slack.
  11. Hi all - this is a new focuser drawtube connection design from William Optics. It replaces the compression ring and seems to be a much more robust way of providing equipment connections to the focuser drawtube. If you stare at the drawing for a minute or so, you'll see how the wedges will compress the inserted components as the knurled rings are tightened.
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