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  1. Thank you and yes I'm very lucky it's a beauty but it's just not getting used.
  2. The best camera for live video astronomy bar none! The software is the magic ingredient and there really is nothing else that comes close. I've had a lot of fun with this camera just check out some of my broadcasts below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6ObJzvIP5Qhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=508gnnlOGtgNow needs a new home as I simply have no time to use it anymore. In perfect condition.Many thanks
  3. One of the best telescopes I've ever owned and sad to sell it but I simply have no time for this hobby right now. The scope is in perfect working order and very good condition. The price includes the DIY trolley as seen in the image. This allows me to keep the scope set up under cover in my garage which I then wheel out as and when. Not as convenient as a dome/roll off but certainly helps. I am also selling everything shown on the scope which I'll list separately but if you are interested in the complete set up please let me know ASAP as I'll be listing individually. Please see link to one of my recent broadcasts to see what the setup can do. Please ask if you need more images.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6ObJzvIP5QMany thanks
  4. This is a very reluctant sale of the finest scope I've ever owned! Unfortunately due to time constraints I no longer find time for my hobby and as such I have decided to sell this and all my other astro kit. The telescope is in excellent condition and is ready to go to a good home. Any questions please let me know. Thanks
  5. Hi Rob, Yes thanks for joining in last night especially as you were in sick in bed! Shame you missed the earlier part but as always with broadcasting it's always short notice. I was working with at F5 last night and yes the CPC1100. Great little scope really with spot on Goto and tracking. Hope you're feeling better Rob
  6. Hello All, It's been a while since I've had any time for astronomy (or any other hobby for that matter) but last night I finally blew the cobwebs off my astro kit! Initially I only intended a light jog to loosen up but ended up doing a marathon! Anyway, as always I took a screen grab for each target which shows the software. On that note, it' important to point out that while some show many stacks this does not mean it took that long to get the image you see. I generally take a screen grab just before moving off to the next target but must remember to grab the image sooner the next time out. That said, I did record this broadcast which shows the process of each on the attached images so happy to link that video (when ready) if of interest. Hope it's of interest
  7. Great broadcast Carl and the views was spot on! Dust bunny free and perfect focus so well done. Sorry I could not stay the distance but work was manic today. I'll add the recording to the iPlayer on VAL so anyone who missed it can have a butchers.
  8. Love it, nothing wrong with this video at all!
  9. Mercury Transit Live right now on Channel Carlscope! Pop in and say hello if you can. http://www.videoastronomylive.co.uk/#!carlscope/c19ti Cheers Karl
  10. Thanks Noah, My Goto with Starsense is actually pretty good the problem I had was when linked to Stellarium the two were not quite synced. However, I how now sussed that and I'm also using the Stellarium scope which gives me the directional keys. Now I have a new sue though I'm hoping you might know about. The other night I was right next to my intended target and pressed the normal goto through Stellarium but rather than the scope going left a tad to the target the scope decided to go in the opposite direction and do almost a 360 to get on the target!! I then used Stellarium scope to slew manually slew very close to the target and still when I used the Goto to get it centre the scope went off again to do a 360! Any ideas how to sort that one? Thanks again Karl
  11. Thanks guys, lots of great information very much appreciated. I do want PC control preferably as I like to broadcast my views live and I want to incorporate Stellarium into the show so I'll try that avenue first but wifi might also be something to look at. Anyway lots to digest so thank you both very much. Regards Karl
  12. Thanks Doug, This might be the answer as I'm not getting anywhere with info on the Starsense. I was thinking of selling it and going back to the 3 star alignment routine as at least then I could use the Nexremote but I'll now take a look at the Skyportal app so thank you. Best wishes Karl
  13. Hello All, Firstly, apologies if this is not in the right place but I've tried software and cameras and have not had much luck... Does anyone here use the Celestron Starsense camera and use a PC to control your setup? I am currently burning brain-cells with frustration trying to work out how to do this. Basically, before I could use Nexremote but this does not work with Starsense. I can (I think) use Stellarium but this only works for Goto operation and does not have the option to nudge up/down left/right. This is no good if I need to centre the target when slightly off. I have looked at Ascom but I can not work that out either. Currently I have one cable running from the scope which gives me control over two cameras, the focusser and scope. I do not want to add another cable if I can help it so it would be good to find out the correct software to use with Starsence if possible. Many thanks Karl
  14. Thank you both, I tried it last night and it worked. The only problem I found which I need to sort is that it can only be used as a goto. There does not seem to be an option to use directional keys. This is not good as if the target is slightly off I have no way of centering the object! More research needed but a step in the right direction at least Many thanks Karl
  15. Hello All, I have just received delivery of the Starsense camera and I was wondering if if was possible to use with Stellaruim? I want to use a pc to control the scope remotely if possible. Many thanks Karl
  16. Hello All, Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but please move if necessary. I have just received delivery of the Starsense camera and I was wondering if if was possible to use with Stellaruim? I want to use a pc to control the scope remotely if possible. Many thanks Karl
  17. Thanks Paul, your edited version is best to use I think. That said, since your last broadcast I have now set all channels to record auto so next show I'll have full version for those who miss the live version. Best wishes Karl
  18. Fantastic video Paul and sums up what we do perfectly! I think it's an excellent presentation of what to expect from a typical broadcast and it really shows what we all love about video astronomy. Near live (or live in some cases) views shared live over a video stream and accessible by anyone with an internet connection, what's not to like about VA/EAA! Thanks for the plug too, would you mind if I put this on VAL for visitors?
  19. Thanks Don and I'm looking forward to it. The .7 is not really needed but it is the only one Celestron do specifically for the Edge scopes. I may look at that at a later date.
  20. Figure of speech of course but the energy involved sometimes makes me wonder Thanks Stash will do.
  21. Thanks Andrew and yes that's what I am hoping. There are several advanced options in the software I've not even tried yet. These were captured with the default settings and a little tweaking of the histogram. Atik have definitely got it right with this one and I think this along with the Lodestar success is great news for all of us. I can't wait to see what comes up next as it seems there are quite a few companies now showing more interest in VA/EAA!
  22. Thanks Rob, Yes I am surprised. I'm using astronomy tools to work out which targets to go for and I have a nice list of targets still to try. After that the Hyperstar is the only option. I have not ordered it yet as I wanted to test out the .5 reducer. I had read it would not work great with the Edge and that I'd need the dedicated Edge reducer but at only .7 it seems hardly worth it. I hope to order the HS soon as Dons results speak for themselves I don't expect the same of course but even half as good will be worth the price for sure!
  23. Hi Chris, This was a .5 reducer so F5 I believe. I tried one at F10 but my goto was a little off so I kept it at F5. Some of the images may look closer as I was experimenting with the zoom. One thing about this camera is you can zoom in very well as the resolution is so good. Hope you get sorted soon Chris and thank you I'm glad you like them. Best wishes Karl
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