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  1. hi vitruvian, I can't comment on the filters you posted, as I don't have/use them. But I do have a neutral density lens 96 with a 25%reduction, also a variable polarized lens which I use most often for lunar viewing, as it's variability of filtering the glare of the moon can be adjusted by simply turning the attached eyepiece. I'm using my phone to post this, but when I go online I'll post a link to a youtube video from my memory it's under astronomy shed, a chap demonstrates the use of said filter .hope my rambling reply helps.
  2. on my browser the classifieds button has disappeared. am I going mad? or has SGL removed it?
  3. As mentioned stellarium is ok, but better pc based. For me distant suns (max) does a fine job. Personally it knocks stellarium out the water.
  4. I felt I was going to loose out on a fine view of the eclipse when I learned that I was gong to be out of the country for the event, (I'm in zante, feet in the pool as I type). I wasn't disappointed, it was close too totality, only a small leading edge wasn't touched by the penumbra. The colour was a definite red when it was in full swing ( around 5 am here), turning orange as it fazed out. My only disappointment was I didn't have any equipment to get some shots, only my wee digital camera. What a view!
  5. bmc

    Just hello

    warm welcome to SGL
  6. DOH! life really is about the small print. thanks Scott.
  7. Hi, quick (and probably daft) question, Does anyone have the FLO deciccant cap and packets of silica beads? if so do you just put the packet into the cap? The beads come in a sealed plastic bag, and my thoughts are, there needs to be contact with the beads with moisture for them to absorb said moisture. The beads are too small to just pour into the cap (they fall through the holes). As it stands, I have pierced several holes in the plastic bag with a pin. Thanks for looking, Clear skies, Bernie.
  8. Hi Brant, i thought as much, but i was making sure. thanks for your response, regards, Bernie
  9. Hi Carlono, firstly, a warm welcome to SGL. Some great advice has been given above. but allow me to add. 1. the 127 mak eats thru batteries something terrible, especially in the cold. i used to take a spare 8 (if there is such a thing as a spare 8!) when out. group on would sometimes do a great deal on a bundle of them. but failing that semichem (the shop) always have packets of 8 duracell on special offer. personally, now i use a power tank which does the job. i also attach the tank to the underside of my eyepiece try, which gives it a bit more weight & stability. 2. if your setting up
  10. Hi, quick question; would the HitecAstro single channel work with the Astrozap heated dew shield? thanks for looking Bernie
  11. hi Andy, to answer your question about fixing an eye piece to a camera, have a look at this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2057872.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.TRS0&_nkw=+High+Quality+Celestron+Deluxe+Tele+Extender+&_sacat=0 clear skies, Bernie.
  12. hi there, the recognized scale for seeing is called the Antoniadi scale. The scale is a five-point system, with 1 being the best seeing conditions and 5 being the worst. The actual definitions are as follows:(I.) Perfect seeing, without a quiver.(II.) Slight quivering of the image with moments of calm lasting several seconds.(III.) Moderate seeing with larger air tremors that blur the image.(IV.) Poor seeing, constant troublesome undulations of the image.(V.) Very bad seeing, hardly stable enough to allow a rough sketch to be made.
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