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  1. I use a free app called Weather Radar. I find it OK. Nothing better though than just eyeballing the sky.
  2. I don’t think this time of year is brilliant for selling Astro stuff. Maybe when the evenings close in and we get closer to Christmas etc there maybe more of a demand. I think what your asking is about right.
  3. Whichever scope you get just enjoy the night sky. It can be jaw dropping. Good luck. Phil
  4. Hi. Looks like a really nice scope. What would you say the overall condition of it was and how clean would you say the optics are. Does it come with vixen/skywatcher/celestron type dovetail bar. Many Thanks, Phil
  5. Well done. You seem to have had an enjoyable session Stephen. It was interesting what you were saying about the effect of filters which obviously made a difference.
  6. Hi Daz. Is item 8 a 90 degree star diagonal and is it the dielectric version? Cheers, Phil
  7. Nice shot. I hope to get out later if the wind dies down a bit. Maybe less wind tomorrow and next week.
  8. I just wanted to share with you my experience of challenging new street lighting outside and near my home. The council underwent a major programme this summer of installing LED street lights. It seems they were using two designs – one design more or less enclosed the lamp directing the light downward and these were mostly used on main roads. The other design has open sides and threw white light in all directions. It seems they used these on side streets. There are two of these outside my house, one of which lit up my back garden, from where I do my observing, almost like a flood light. The lig
  9. I too recently bought a Maxvision 24mm eyepiece from 365. It took about 5 days to be delivered.
  10. I don't know if it's fate or luck or whatever but it seems that whenever I get clear skies and the time to observe, the moon is out there somewhere. I have since grown to enjoy observing the moon and planets and also the brighter DSOs. I will have to work harder this winter in making myself more available when there is a clear moonless sky and take on those fainter DSOs.
  11. I expect most people here will say that the key to seeing DSO's are dark skies and aperture - which is true. Like yourself I have scanned the sky with a 32mm eyepiece but not as good as your 2" version, and struggled to see DSO's. However since investing in goto technology I have found that being taken to a DSO object ensures that I'm looking at what I am wanting to look at. At first when I view an object I may not see much of interest, but sometimes spending time at the eyepiece brings out definition. I have also found that increasing the magnification using my 25mm eyepiece has sometimes imp
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