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    Motorcycles, guitar, cooking
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    Lyon, France
  1. jldo69

    Bonjour from Lyon

    I've been out of town for a while. Thank you for your welcome messages @Ludd : I knew once an englishman who lived in Grandris, he used to be an english teacher, I think his name was Dereck and his wife was english too... JL
  2. Good idea Dan, Maybe we could meet at Olly's place.... JL
  3. Welcome from another frenchie living in Lyon and waiting for his GM1000HPS
  4. Tjenare Per, I think you could ask 10 Micron for some kind of reward . I have been seriousely looking at these mounts for a while now but after I read your different posts I finally pulled the trigger on a GM 1000 HPS yesterday. It will replace my good old heq5 and will be used either in the garden shed or mobile.It's due to arrive shortly, and I have yet do decide on a suitable tripod for the mobile setup: Berlebach, Bader, Geoptik ?. I've seen 10micron will be offering a downsized centaurus for the GM 1000 but at 1500 € it's definitely out of my wallet's league.
  5. jldo69

    Bonjour from Lyon

    Thank you all for your welcome messages. Yes Jesper, 69 stands for Lyon area post code, we are neighbours it seems... JL
  6. Hi all, I just discover this very intersting post. I am ready to pull the trigger for a GM1000HPS myself so I am very keen on per's feedback. Clear skies Jean-Louis
  7. jldo69

    Bonjour from Lyon

    Bonjour everybody, I live 10 km east of Lyon and I'm sixty but still mad enough to have built an obsy in the yard last year. We had max. 3 clear nights here since it was finished last october. Nevermind, they say astronomy requires a lot of patience...
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