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  1. I hand GPDX mount with DD1 hand controller. I know how to install ST4 port on this. Shoestring sell a GPUSB & a GPUSB -AH (specifically for the DD1) . Can anyone tell me the difference in circuit arrangement. It appears to me that all that is needed is four opto-isolators with 1k resistors, or am I missing something? The above sells for £80 ( a few pounds DIY ?) at Opticstar, although they do not list the one I need. Any info on this appreciated.
  2. I have just aquired this scope and looking to do something with the inside walls. ProtoStar (USA) appears to be the only supplier of genuine materials fot this. ie flocking material, stiff sprung flocking (which looks great) or insulated tubes. Does anyone know if this can be purchased in UK as postal charges from US are high. Any other suggestions welcomed
  3. There is a detailed description by Garry Honis on youtube. He makes it look pretty straightforward - is this the case or would you play safe and buy one already done.? I am pretty capable with electronics and have worked on cicuit boards at component level. Would be interested to hear from those that have done it. The 100D & 450D are, apparantly, much the same inside. Is the 5000D nternal layout much different?
  4. Received Steve Richards book today. Looks great with loads of useful info. Thanks to all for advising this.
  5. Moment of madness! Bought Orion Europa 250mm on Gem eq mount. Will swap over onto Vixen GP DX EQ5. Will keep oMC for planetary work. Mirrors in pristine condition and has been well looked after. £250 so I thought it was well worth a go. Next purchase is a Cannon 1000D/450D/500D body. Thinking of modding this myself. Gary Honis has detaied instructions on youtube. Has anyone done this and is it as straight forward as it looks.
  6. I have kept my Orion OMC140 Maksutov Vixen GP DX mount in shed for three years with no problem. The eaves have about a 1" gap all round so is well ventillated. I drape a large velvet curtain over for some protection but no plastic bags! Breathability is the key. I also at start of winter just spray the stand with something like wd40 to stop any small rust spots forming. Hope this is the right thing to do but it does seem to work. Bear inn mind that it is a seale d tube and a reflector may need more careful approach.
  7. Realise my OMC140 Maksutov is useless for this. What about a Orion Optics 10" reflector on my Vixen GP-DX mount? 1200mm focal length focal ratio 4.8 Few years ols but where these not fairly good quality optics?
  8. What are your thoughts on an Orion Optics Europa 10" reflector focal lenghth 1200mm f ratio 4.8 ? Would sit nicely on my Vixen GP DX mount.
  9. Taken your welcome advice & just ordered book directly from Steve. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for responding. Have posted as suggested and getting resonse from there.
  11. ED80 looks nice and £349 for just the tube looks a bargain. I dont think I can go down the route of cooled CCD as the wife would not be amused !! Is the noise factor now a great a problem as it used to be, now that we have powerfull processing packages?
  12. IIf I go down the refractor route there appears to be a huge price difference between models. Is it the old lesson of you get what you pays for. I would imagine Chinese optics have a lot to do with this. What is the quality like on these?
  13. I have a 10 year old Orion Optics UK OMC140 f14 with motorised Vixen GPDX EQ5 mount. Want to have a go at photography, especially deep sky. Should I persevere with scope I have or change for large reflector like a Altaire 8" f5? Probably going to use Canon 450/500D and keep Vixen mount. Any thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.
  14. First telescope- Charles Frank 1.5" refractor ! Four pounds four shillings - all my hard earned pocket money on a cardboard tube and a bit of glass and a tripod that was totally useless. I loved it ! Saw one on ebay the other day - sold for just over eight pounds. Happy days! I now have an Orion Optics UK OMC140 f14 Maksutov (steel tube) on a Vixen GPDX motorised mount. I want to have a go at astrophotography, particularly deep sky. Will the OMC140 get me started with a Canon 450/500D or should I go down the route of getting rid of it, keeping the solid mount and spending on a 8/10" reflector? Altair 8" f5 looks interesting. Any ideas on this appreciated.
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