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Status Updates posted by Mukv

  1. Clearing the snow from obsy roof in the hope of a clear night.. fingers crossed!

    1. Fish


      Roof cleared and open observing the moon.... Fingers still crossed though.....

    2. Mukv


      Nice :) Charging batteries for camera's now... weather report is looking good!

    3. Fish


      Its looking very good now :-) ski trousers tonight i think .

  2. Motorized the focuser on the 90mm scope next thing to test it in action but my mates the clouds are over for a visit to check out my work !

  3. roof opening letting in the cold and dark ! YAY !!

  4. My Friends " The Clouds " have called in to say hello so the obsy roof is now closing !

  5. My friends " The Clouds " have clled in again to say hello so the obsy roof is now closing!

  6. Roof is open camera battery charged pc linked to mount dew heaters are ready, looking good so far

  7. new obsy door needed so off the see whats available..

  8. fitting DIY Dew heater to guide scope and finishing spiral cable wrapping.

    1. tingting44


      what better way to spend a sunday :D

    2. faulksy


      weres the pics

    3. Mukv


      pics on Monday after work

  9. Spiral wrap for the wire loom hanging from the scope fitting this week.

  10. Obsy door swelled a little too tight need drastic big hammer treatment then a shave!

    1. Tinker1947


      plane some off, then as soon as the wood is dry get some yacht vanish on there..:)

    2. astronymonkey


      Rub a candle down the edge to wax it to see if that fixes it. Only plane if really necessary as it will shrink in warm weather and go loose. Good luck.

    3. Mukv


      Realised that the 30 min firedoor was an internal type not external and explains the issue, trip to the local merchants for the correct door will check Wickes and B & Q also.

  11. next project is to motorise the focuser on the guide scope

  12. next project is to build another focuser for the guide scope

  13. new scope cloud and rain for 2 weeks!

    1. cotterless45


      Open the box and put it back in !

  14. Mended play station headset now time to put bits on my scope!

  15. new scope ready to be attached to main tube for guiding, bring on the weekend

  16. been to a bone setter and he put my back up so to speak, I can now walk and more important sit down.

  17. Mind that step! ouch!! had a fall hurt lower back,looks like a few days off work :(

  18. looking like a clear night for the roof rolling off ! anyone near by is welcome to drop in, kettles always on!

  19. looking good here in mansfield for a good night with the roof open!

  20. new refractor on the way, 90mm X 500mm FL F5.5 should make a nice grab and go as well as a guide scope!

  21. new computer needed, i7 or AMD 8 core ?

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    2. Mukv


      My current system is a watercooled core 2 quad 9550 ( 2.83 GHz )oc to 3.25 8 gig ram on an asus p5 mb

    3. Psychobilly


      This is mine although it's nearly a year old...

      Asus P9X79 WS Intel X79 (Socket 2011) DDR3 Motherboard

      Intel 4930K 3.40GHz (Ivybridge-E) Socket LGA2011 Processor O/C'd to 4.2 GHz Air Cooled with Prolimatech Black Megahalems CPU Cooler - they use this c ooler in their 4.2GHz Air cooled O/C Bundles

      Patriot Intel Extreme Masters 64GB (8x8GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Quad Channel Kit

      2x Gigabyte GTX750 4GB VRAM cards in SLI Running 27" Dell...

    4. Psychobilly


      It eats most processing tasks...

  22. Moving all capture files to network drive from a portable 2.5" and freeing up some USB power load.

  23. Tempreture is dropping sky is clearing roof is opening and now the computer is wurring!

  24. can everyone south of nottingham open your windows and doors and get some heat rising to draw these clouds away , we of the midlands will do it next time for you!

  25. Roof rolling back, looking forward to seeing somthing other than clouds.!

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