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  1. Suggested space holiday itinerary

    d trump thinks he's a star
  2. First car in space today!

    some thoughts about the use of a car in Space... it could be used to study ways to alter the path of near Earth objects to study the effects of Space on common materials And most importantly, to study the potential for hitchhiking in this Galaxy
  3. it would ruin our plans for a new planet-colony!
  4. CFM Won't recognise my telescope (130SLT)

    you could reset to factory settings
  5. Nexstar alignment problem

    I find goto improves as the observing nite goes on . just accept the initial inaccuracies.....
  6. 2001:ASpace Odyssey

    HAL may have contacted the Monolith and told it it needed repairing and this is how it ended up !
  7. 2001:ASpace Odyssey

  8. 2001:ASpace Odyssey

    Oumuamua ........ Stan's vision has come true !
  9. Firstly , I need the skies of Sweden or I have to go to what Australians call the Never Never which is the desert country where the Southern Skies are just amazing...I still have not been there .
  10. we non photographers are just amazed...
  11. NGC 5128 - Centaurus A in Close-up

    It looks like an unattractive place to live....planet Smog?
  12. Farewell Cassini

    it was called 'the Grand Finale' but I preferred 'Catch 22'
  13. interesting topic and certainly it sounds like a clear definition is needed. I think a moon must be something you can dance or romance under and must have at least some blue periods.
  14. Hubble Constant

    space will stretch so much that when you are having a shower the plug hole will be far away and the water and soap will rush down at such a speed that the drains will never block and all will be well with the world....just being in a silly mood...
  15. The Surprisingly Unknown

    nice in Oxfordshire....I lived in Maidenhead for 6 months....I assume it is the rotation of the metal hydrogen core . Is that true of the Jupiter ? NASA says it matters to create a weather model . so handy here on Earth!