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  1. I just do not like windows is channeling us all into 'app land' and 'don't own a disc land' ...the apps rarely work to solve the for windows 7 which came with all you needed to do everything.....and when you have a problem it says find an app and then a whole lot of junky 'programs' appear which can cost and you still don't know if they will do the task...put windows ten near the Event Horizon !
  2. I spent a substantial "I will not be defeated' time on this and eventually located this file which fixed the USB to serial file problem with no strings attached- PL2303 Windows Driver User Manual v1.18.0.pdfPL2303_DriverInstaller_v1180_20170406.exe please click on the file starting w PL2303... it went well and did not put a 'make your computer run faster ' program on and AVG had no complaints
  3. Some will be familiar with the firmware updates known as CFM and coming as a zipped file which creates a JAR file from which you are supposed to be able to access the internet and connect to your scope and update is generally a pain and I have told celestron it is awful... that said , one of my laptops will open the JAR file and the other will not despite the newest version of java... there may be a file association problem and windows 10 makes your choices very poor... any ideas greatly appreciated PS I searched this item in the forums but could not find a reference to it.....
  4. there's always the raisins in th cooking cake analogy and when the Universe finishes expanding you can always eat it ! it seems much more appetising than the balloon analogy....
  5. this is Stephen Hawking's take on the Universe which explains the lack of a homogenous Universe by the variations in Cosmic Background Radiation as per 4th last paragraph
  6. a man fascinated by physics like American/Australian Julius Sumner Miller
  7. this is always a good 'head' topic and therein lies the problem of what the human mind is capable of conceiving......whilst the concept of 'space' or the three dimensions is something we can touch there is no theory about what time is...perhaps time is infinite and space is finite...there may have been time before the Big Bang.....we have no way of knowing that is not true.....Einstein put space-time together but he could be wrong.....
  8. 2008 Sydney Australia ...'the smiley face' of the Moon , Venus and Jupiter
  9. the greatest minds in Cosmology don't know the answer to that one .......Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein
  10. My idea is to send up some artists and make it all into an Art Instillation....
  11. I wish to do a straw pole...would you rate the Digital Age one of the following in terms of reliability ? I bring this to your attention after my scopes digital input failed and I have had trouble finding a repairer and my five year old desktop failed leaving me with lost email addresses and lost music may see bias....not to mention a new version of a well-known computer operating system..... reliable, good, unreliable, hopeless and frustrating. You may wish to use your own descriptions,,,,
  12. Welcome from the Big Pacific Island...Australia....sometimes I see Europe thru the scope but only on strong 'gravity bend' days....
  13. Yep...did the alkaline brand new / status checked turn on with same to the Dr I think...good idea about a manual least I would be less lonely...
  14. Horse head nebula taken by my wife in Twilight.....believe it or Not !!!!
  15. thinking much power does it need to keep re charging those big batteries and are they recyclable..and all that lead...must say the atmosphere is very tenuous from the space station.....quite a sight for the green house sceptics...