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  1. James Webb

    the scientist just knew he shouldn't have put his lunch box on the solar flaps.....
  2. Will the lights go out ?

    Of interest to us all- http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-26/how-light-pollution-is-damaging-our-world/9464026
  3. Words Words Words

    'the syzygies that I saw were momentarily locked in celestial rhythms '
  4. Words Words Words

    and what a good word 'syzygy' is...some sort of Polish salad....no. Greek salad for syn / together and zygon/a yoke....
  5. Words Words Words

    comet is interesting...it comes from the Greek 'kometes' meaning 'long-haired'.....who would have thought ?
  6. Words Words Words

    I know you are all erudite and not aphrodite....perhaps.... I want you to hit me with the origins of the words we use continuously in astronomy...to my failing I discovered that the word "astronomy' does not come from the Latin astro meaning star and nom/nym meaning name in Latin but from the Greek astron/star and nomos/law or rule over to you Oh clever ones....
  7. Suggested space holiday itinerary

    d trump thinks he's a star
  8. First car in space today!

    some thoughts about the use of a car in Space... it could be used to study ways to alter the path of near Earth objects to study the effects of Space on common materials And most importantly, to study the potential for hitchhiking in this Galaxy
  9. it would ruin our plans for a new planet-colony!
  10. CFM Won't recognise my telescope (130SLT)

    you could reset to factory settings
  11. Nexstar alignment problem

    I find goto improves as the observing nite goes on . just accept the initial inaccuracies.....
  12. 2001:ASpace Odyssey

    HAL may have contacted the Monolith and told it it needed repairing and this is how it ended up !
  13. 2001:ASpace Odyssey

  14. 2001:ASpace Odyssey

    Oumuamua ........ Stan's vision has come true !
  15. Firstly , I need the skies of Sweden or I have to go to what Australians call the Never Never which is the desert country where the Southern Skies are just amazing...I still have not been there .