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  1. ok looks like either of these will be far better than the little coax plugs. Time to get my iron out....
  2. And she had a fine pair of quads too if you ask me. (valve amps, that is. Don't tell my wife though)
  3. Would a 32mm plossl be a worthwhile addition for my 6se? At the moment the lowest mag I've got is the standard Celestron 25mm. At the moment I'm only looking for a 1.25" as I can't afford a 2" diagonal as well. Also I can't afford top end Televues etc so something like the GSO maybe? I know at 1.25" there's going to be a limit to the maximum view angle so does a 1.25 32mm bring enough extra into view to make it worthwhile, particularly if I'm unable to afford the spectacular optics of a TV? Thanks, Joe
  4. Spot on. That's just the sort of thing I had in mind. I had an ex-gf long ago who was a dab hand with a soldering iron and xlr'd everything in sight! Just for comparison, anyone used the speakon connectors? Are they any less bulky? Joe
  5. Oh boy I hate these awful coaxial power connectors that you find on almost every consumer device these days. Either they drop out under their own weight if vertical or the tiniest knock of a cable can loosen them. And sometimes they are just intermittent if waggled, particularly after being inserted for some time. Worse still there are several sizes that are not quite entirely similar so they just don't quite fit, making it hard to identify the right one to buy. I want some multipole (mostly 2-pole) connectors for 12-15V that are simple to fit, positive to operate, and proof against bumbling about in the dark. Anyone found anything better? XLR? Or what about the Speakon connectors? - they look a possibility as they handle plenty of current, are multipole on have a locking ring. e.g. is the polarity robustly keyed? Joe
  6. -Not buying a telescope when i was younger -The weather during the 1999 eclipse -That earth isn't on the edge of a globular cluster (not too far in so you don't miss out on views of the rest of the universe)
  7. By 24th May most of Northern Britain will have quite short nights so the further south you go the better. Joe
  8. I think his technique is not HMIR but HNIR = Huge Noise Intensification and Randomisation
  9. Yay, local papers!!! There's no way any of the 3 pictures shown on the local paper's website are auroras. I liked the moonlit rainbow shot though. The lens flare one has green in front of the cloud, and the yellow is wrong. There's also more entertainment from the same newspaper with a lens flare reported as a UFO:http://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/could-a-barrow-woman-have-caught-a-picture-of-a-ufo-1.1109320. Shame we only got a glancing blow from the CME. Joe
  10. Yes the mm/dd/yy format is annoying, but I usually spot it. The firmware bug is firmly in my brain I'm afraid. NO HOPE
  11. Being a rare clear day I took the morning off work to do a few odd jobs and managed to set the scope up for a quick peek at the sunspot. I could see it with my naked eye (with filter of course) but the scope revealed it in all its glory. Great! The I thought I'd look for Venus. I hit Venus on the goto and the scope swung the wrong way, to the west -uh? I checked all the settings, re-aligned and tried again - same problem. I checked the power, powered off and on again and checked latitude and all the other settings which seemed ok. Re-aligned on the sun. ok. Went to venus, same problem AGAIN. After much head scratching I sussed it - I'd set the date to 8th Jan 2013! Doh!
  12. I've been trying this app for the last few days and its really useful. Many thanks to the Dev.
  13. Thanks for the comments guys. Sounds like its not a common problem at least. I'll spend a bit a time checking which EPs it occurs on and which it doesn't, and check I've got the cup out fully - just need some observable weather first! Joe
  14. It occurs with the eyecup up. Maybe it's the eyepeices generating it but I only notice it when used in conjunction with the barlow. I only see it on bright targets e.g. Vega, Jupiter.
  15. I really like my Revelation 2.5x barlow but sometimes I notice swirly lights on bright targets. It's a bit like having moths fluttering around Jupiter. Today I was giving it a dust and noticed the inner surfaces of the barrel are shiny black, and there's also a ledge halfway down that could be a culprit. Anyone else experience this? Is it possible/sensible to flock it or apply matt paint? Or is should I use emery paper on my eyeballs to stop them reflecting? Joe
  16. Tonight I don't think they're conspiring, they're perspiring
  17. Oh and make sure your tripod is properly level before you start
  18. Welcome to the group. It does take a bit of practice I'm afraid. Stick with it a keep asking questions - there are so many things to get the hang of. Everyone here is very helpful. Sometimes the sky isn't as clear as you think it is ("Seeing"), but you should see nice sharp points of light when aimed at stars. Perhaps the focus is not right, try focussing on a distant object during the day, or a distant streetlight at night. I got my Nexstar 6Se a year ago and I had to re-read the manual carefully and practice in daylight (***NEVER*** POINT IT AT THE SUN!). Initial alignment takes a bit of practice before you get it right. You might find these sites useful: http://www.nexstarsite.com/index.html http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/5372796/page/8/view/collapsed/sb/5/o/all/fpart/1 (especially the method described by Tel). Joe
  19. OK that makes me feel better about the bank of cloud if it wasn't visible anyway. I did think it was marginal with how light the sky was getting anyway. We'll just have to wait until it's swung round the sun,but you just KNOW what's going to happen, don't you! >when the clouds then started drifting across from the north Sorry Mick, that was me trying to waft them further south!!
  20. Stunning sight of mercury this morning, gold against the lightening sky. Breathtaking. As for Ison, I was hoping to see the two close to each other but as luck would have it there was a large bank of cloudcovering Ison. Through my bins I could see the wind seemed to be blowing the cloud away and yet the edge never moved - it was one of those times when the cloud was being created as fast as it was blowing away so the edge never moved out of the way. Then it got too light. Frustrating, but Mercury made it worthwhile getting up early. Joe
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