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  1. This weather not helping I still need to get up and running properly just need fine-tuning. Jim
  2. Hi and welcome to SGL, Jaccord. Jim
  3. Nice capture, I’m all set up and ready to go for this, what was your exposure settings for this shot! Jim
  4. Nice to get a good deal, how is the Mod going, Moz! Jim
  5. I hope so too, my mount has done more tracking in the living room then its done outside lol Got my fist mount last month and have been waiting for some clear nights but no luck so far, the only clear night we have had I was to busy or had to get to bed for work but now I have more then enough free time seeing I retired last week Jim
  6. Just been thinking about this, I might have got crossed wires lol to put it simply use the cigarette lighter output from the unit for powering external 12v thing’s like your Skywatcher EQ5 to charge the unit use the power supply supplied with it or use your car cigarette lighter output to charge it with the supplied cable. Wow, am I getting old!! Looking back a day or two I think I might be lmao. Jim
  7. The "cigarette lighter" port is not directly connected to the battery in the booster it goes through a circuit so putting a large charge through this might pop it this is why it only want a small amperage going into it, if you wanted to fast charge it connect to the croc clips these go direct to the battery. The fuse for my Skywatcher EQ5 PRO is inside the cigarette lighter plug that connects to the SynScan and is a 5A Jim
  8. Got the same Jump Starter myself the other month, charged it fully like it said and it still shows 13.2volts on the test button been using it today under the bonnet of the car with a 12volt halogen bulb connected, it’s a nice bit of kit and the battery in mine is 12V 18Ah so yours should be the same Jim
  9. Forget the above, you butcher, hope it works lol Jim
  10. Why butcher it!! You can mod this web-cam without making a mark on it. I thought the same after reading how to do this but after doing it its so simple and you can open it without making one mark you just need to use the correct tools. Jim
  11. Wow, that big white thing is guiding the DSLR lol Jim
  12. Good idea, I have done similar in the past, one thing that through me on the set-up was the lens! It does not look anything like my 400mm! I then I looked at you signature I have only just started in this game still playing around getting my setup to hit the target first time, not far off now just need fine tuning Jim
  13. It sure is looking good for tonight, hope you get your images, and that’s not a bad shot from a Nokia. Jim
  14. It was a good night, shame I had work in the morning or I might have been up till 2.24am I hope you had a sleep in and welcome to SGL, Tom. Jim
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