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  1. yep this year so far has been ridiculous only had the scopes out twice!
  2. Welcome to SGL Dave, a really helpful bunch of people here.
  3. hello SGL ! been a while

    1. rory


      hello , welcome back

  4. thanks guys! will have a look, see if i can figure it out
  5. heres a pick the lens im holding is the same as the one lying flat
  6. ok my 32mm skywatcher panaview eyepiece came apart i accidentally unscrewed the wrong bit and the elements and spaces came out theres 5 elements and 3 spaces, nothings damaged i just have no idea what order it goes back in!!! can anyone help me?
  7. yer had one of the on an eq5. totally Rubbish had to swap it for a 200p
  8. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Stardust-Penguin-Press-Science-Gribbin/dp/0140283781/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371164967&sr=8-1&keywords=stardust+john+gribbin amazing book reading it now £2.81 delivered from amazon
  9. nice pic james well done, love glob clusters was looking at this one the other night
  10. get down to your local astro society and use their scopes, you can access quality scopes for free then
  11. yer you should be good to go, all you need is the solar filter on the front, make sure its secure so it cant be blown or knocked off and make sure you take your finder scope off or cover it up, you dont need anything on the eyepieces, thats it really have fun!! rob.
  12. nice site thanks. and yep chester and very north wales is doable
  13. yer maybe some other time, do you go up there often? thanks for sharing a good spot anyway, its surprisingly hard to find anywhere, and yer it'll be good to hear how you got on
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