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  1. Thanks everyone for their feedback. It seems that light pollution and smog are the reasons. Nevertheless, will keep trying. @Global Mods: you are true about setting the correct expectations but I would be more than happy If I am able to see the second image (the one from Orion 8") posted by you. -SOO-
  2. @Star Forming: I am using 25mm and 10mm eyepieces. But am not able to see the dust patch with any of them. @Brown Dwarf: I have tried to watch it while it is quite high in the sky but not really near the zenith. The reason I am disappointed is because, I am able to see the inner cluster plus 3 more stars next to it, but no dust patch. And i have tried more than 7-8 times till now.
  3. Hi Folks, Its been a month or so that I have bought my Skywatcher 6" Dob. I am trying hard to see the Orion Nebula but fail to do so. While focussing on the central region of the Orion's Sword, I am able to identify the Trapezium Cluster, but I don't see any dust around it. Some say, its grey while other mention it to be green, but I am not able to see any dust around the trapezium (this cluster lies in the core of nebula). Is it to do with my Eyes or is it the sky. I understand that there is light pollution and may be there is some smog as well, but this nebula is considered as brightest and people claim to have seen it even with 4" also. Please help. PS: Same thing is happening with Pleiades cluster. Not able to locate the dust.
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