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  1. Thank you, yes. I looked on that site and saw these two telescopes: - Skywatcher Heritage-90 Virtuoso - Skywatcher Heritage 130p Flextube Are they any good?
  2. Hi there Some help for a newbie please. I did start a different thread a couple of weeks or so ago but have changed my mind (sorry!) on a couple of things. Very quickly, I am a keen photographer looking at getting into astrophotography (mainly planets and maybe more later) and am looking for a telescope to suit my needs and pocket. Looking at the advice I got last time (all really good thank you), I ended up looking outside my price range and expertise. So, to bring myself back on track... ... can somebody please recommend a telescope which is: 1) Portable and compact 2) Suitabe for astrophography 3) In the £100 to £200 price range I realise I am not going to have a world class setup for this but I'm just looking at something to suit a beginner. Thank you.
  3. Awesome, thank you. Would love to do something like that myself. One day!
  4. Nice - do you have any examples of planet images? I'd be interested to see them. Thank you.
  5. Cool, that's interesting and something I genuinely had not thought of. Excellent advice, thank you.
  6. Thank you very much for the reply, much appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone My first post on here and I'd be really grateful for some advice / opinions on an appropriate setup please. Basically, I'm new to Astronomy but am a fairly experiencened photographer and I'm looking to purchase my first telescope which has the potential for astrophography (and videos) too. My camera is a Canon 600d SLR and I would like to connect it to a setup that would allow me to photograph the moon, planets etc. Perhaps more ambitious things later. I've done a bit of research and have collated my 'wish list' for the telescope I want. To tick all these boxes may be too optimistic (if so please tell me!) but here goes on the things I would like ideally: - My budget is around £200 to £250 and might stretch to more - I don't want something too big (as in heavy) or that takes too long to assemble / disassemble (or too complex for a newbie) - I would like to be able to transport it fairly easily in the back of a car for taking on hols etc (in a case?) - This might contradict my earlier point but I would like something built well and that will last - Further to this, I dont want to buy something then wish 6 months later I had spent a few pounds more (this might happen anyway!) - I would like to be able to connect my SLR camera to it fairly easily and cost effectively - Likewise, it would be great to connect to my computer too - If possible, I would like to use it for terrestrial use too (but mainly for astronomy) - I would like something which is motor driven off the shelf ideally Sorry if that is a long list but I'd be really grateful for some help on this. For an example as to the sort of telescopes I have looked at so far: - Celestron Astromaster 130EQ-MD Reflector - Skywatcher Explorer 130P Newtonian Reflector I look forward to getting some views and suggestions. Thank you.
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