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  1. Knighty2112 I know this wasn't for me but thought I would open my large mouth to give you my feedback. I changed my standard Celestron diagonal to the 2" XLT Celestron version which is a lovely premium diagonal with high reflectivity coating. I chose this one as it screwed straight onto rear of OTA. It is a lovely bit of kit and the use of 2" EPs really opens up the viewing experience - I love just sitting at the EP and taking in lower power views, and despite being an SCT there is not too much that doesn't fit in. Does the diagonal show me more using my 1.25" EPs - probably not, not that I
  2. Coloured filters weren't to my liking - neodymium and uhc both help for me, but the uhc really comes alive at a dark site much more than my backgarden.
  3. Contact Astrotec - Graham is a top bloke and will be able to get this back up and running for you http://www.astrotecuk.co.uk/index.html
  4. I suppose normally I observe away from home so I don't have any choice and by time I get back it is dry anyway Sent from my HTC Desire 510 using Tapatalk
  5. The outside is normally wet but importantly the corrector plate is dry, and the cover that goes onto it is kept dry during my session, so in fact it is dry where it matters. I then also put some desiccant sachets in a cap in the diagonal just to be sure. The outside of the OTA being wet is not an issue and that will dry off on its own
  6. I put my cover on to the front of the ota whilst the dew band is still on and then it goes straight into a foam filled case. Never had a dew problem that way as it goes away dry Sent from my HTC Desire 510 using Tapatalk
  7. You won't see Cassiopeia through the polar scope but you should see Polaris. Did you twist the mount head 90 degrees to open up the whole in the tube and have you decreased polar scope brightness? Sent from my HTC Desire 510 using Tapatalk
  8. Yes agreed - I changed my stock diagonal with the XLT 2" version and see no difference in quality or brightness, but 2" EPs are worth the upgrade for me
  9. By no means the right solution but a great excuse to get a 2" diagonal...
  10. Don't be put off - it is worth doing the initial setup properly, and make sure you mark the dial and the mount for the home position as the dial will slip but if it is marked properly then it is a 1 second job to return the mount to the proper position. You also want to check it is properly set up with the dials before aligning - I have had my dials slip before and then aligned OK but goto was way off. For the money the NEQ6 is a cracking mount - and PA is really not that hard to do
  11. A filter I find useful for observing from home with only moderate LP is a Neodymium - it lives in my EP when at home. My UHC filter is next on list and is useful on quite a few objects, then the OIII is least used. The UHC and OIII really come alive when being used from a darksite.
  12. To be honest with a mount of that cost (no offense intended as I run an neq6 which is not an expensive one) as long as it is in the field of view then that is all you need, it is rarely bang on centre all the time. If you want real accuracy then you need to spend real money (multiple thousands) but you don't really need that. Go to is to find things, the handset can then be used to finetune.
  13. +1 for the Baader Zoom - love mine, but do prefer it with the 2" nosepiece attached
  14. Yes the moon is impressive but, and here is a big BUT that I have only just discovered - I put a pair of binoviewers into my scope the other night to look at the moon, it is the first time I have used them properly, and WOW. It is impressive with one eye, with two it is unbelievable and I have never been one to sit and stare at the moon for long previously - you get a real stereo type view and it is so comfortable with both eyes you can just sit there and pick out so much detail while you float over the surface. If you want to do lunar then I seriously suggest you try binoviewing. I wont do
  15. The Alt-Az mounts are easier to set up, but GEM mounts are really not difficult either, and in my experience more accurate (but again that is based on SE mount). I never looked back after changing my mount to a GEM, and found the quieter slewing much more to my liking in the dead of night. I also never intended to do any imaging at all - then over time it crept into my thinking, but it is definitely planetary only that interests me. Whatever you go with the OTA will not disappoint.
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