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  1. The one and only , small but perfectly formed
  2. Oh nearly forgot anyone found plant 9 yet?
  3. Throughly enjoyed the show so far, nice to see the southern sky , and weird to see everything upside down at least to us in the U.K, Personally I think the bbc made a good choice doing this years show from OZ , nice change and some interesting characters on the show! Also like the way they've tied the astronomy into the folk law and country Ie continental drift, and there's still plenty for the folk who like to look at telescopes! Overall a decent programme with a broad rage of appeal and a bit of humor too.
  4. Thanks guys I'll have a look at the suggestions , it's a real shame the Brazilian guys don't do them any more but hey ho, thanks again
  5. Just tried a power adaptor but same issue? Can select alignment manually from set up menu but won't go to it on start up?
  6. Yes got the date format right, but nearly fooled the first time I used it , I'll try a mains adaptor ASAP , if that doesn't work maybe update firm ware?
  7. Ok thanks I try a mains adaptor see if that does the trick
  8. Hi all , last night while setting up my az goto mount the handset decided to go strange ? I've after putting in the usual time date etc it wouldn't go to alignment? Just kept going back to set up? On 3.35 firmware any ideas ? Thanks
  9. Hi thanks for the reply , No I was after a Bluetooth adaptor , I'm familiar with the skyfi wifi adaptor but it's to pricey for my needs , but thanks again .
  10. Hi all, can anyone direct me to a link or web site that I can get a Bluetooth controller that will work between a widows tablet and a synscan Az mount? I did read some time ago that a Brazilian company did such a thing but it appears they are now defunct. Thanks.
  11. Hi guys sorry for late replys , thank you all very much , I got my coordinates from the find a point website dropped a pin right on my house , I'm actually in Leicester think I got it now with all your help 001 08 w and 52 37 N I'll give it a go soon as there's a star to be seen!
  12. Hi, just got a synscan hand controller and I'm befuddled about how to enter my long Lat coordinates as I can't work out how to enter a minus value? my numbers are longitude. -1 8 30.98 and my latitude is 52 36 58.07 be great full if anyone can help? Also I'm assuming daylight saving should be no and time zone 0000 thaks in advance
  13. Yes it's a good little mount for the money, works pretty well and is versatile,
  14. Thank you, yes great sunspots!
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