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  1. Second hand don't bother me. As long as its all in working order.
  2. I know they suppose be fantastic mounts but as the tripods are suppose be same as an eq5 mount thought I would be able budget my money without the tripod.
  3. As I have an EQ5 mount would I be able to get an HEQ5 mount without the tripod? Would it be cheaper?
  4. I put some paper in the tube to help see. I have the primary mirror centre bang in centre of secondary mirror. The problem is the seem be more paper at the top than the bottom. thanks again
  5. I know what I need do. When I turn the Allen keys on secondry mirror it's just goes back to where it started.
  6. Well I'm highly frustrated now. I have had my skywatcher 200p 5months. At first I thought it was just me. It really needs collimating . After months of being unhappy with it and learning how to collimate I finally get a Cheshire and and a laser. All the screws and stuff I need to adjust as stupidly tight. I feel as if I'm going break it. Anyhow like thank everyone what took time to help me on here
  7. I would to take you up on the offer.. Sad part is I don't drive. I have managed to get it all sorted I think. Well aligned my finder with main scope everything was coming through crystal clear. So I presume that my laser is wrong. Bad part is I don't know what you use to take the sillicone cover off. Which i just posted a topic about.
  8. Can anyone please tell me how to remove the silicone covers on my collimator? thanks
  9. Looking through the Cheshire everything seems to be centre. I aligned the finder scope with the the main reflect scope and it seems to be working. Yet the laser don't seem to be hitting middle of the primary mirror. I know it's its bouncing back from the primary mirror to the secondry mirror coz I can see the laser on the target of the collimator.
  10. Hello all. Im collimating my skywatcher 200p explorer. I have both Cheshire and laser collimator. I have managed to get the secondary mirror into the right position. When I put a laser into the the scope to adjust the primary mirror I'm have a problem. When I'm adjusting it I look at the laser to make sure it goes into the centre on the target thing on the laser collimator. Yet when I go look into the scope from the top the laser is still at least an inch above the centre of the primary mirror. Please can anyone help?
  11. Remember before digital tv. You only had channel 1-5. If you went on channel 6 it was like black and white when it was not tuned tv a station. It was big like that in a way. Sorry it's best I can describe what it looked when I moved the focuser out and in or changed to eyepiece. No colour or anything just fuzzy and black and white.
  12. Sorry my mistake I should of said I took that picture when the focus tube was fully extended. When it was half way out it was size of a pea but I could see like 3 fainter stars in the background. Bit like looking through the finderscoe but in a smaller area if you get what I mean.
  13. i will never take it apart but I have to take of the mount at night. Hopefully that affect it when it's aligned.
  14. it was 25mm pointed a Jupiter the focus tube was half way out. It was weird. The object went bigger if It was all way in or all way out once again I would like thank you all for your time.
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