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  1. Hi peter I like yourself are struggling to find reviews for these binoculars, they sound promising so far, was just wondering what your thoughts are now youve had chance to use them with a clear night sky. Cheers clarke
  2. Thanks for the replies Is autostakkert 2 good for Dso and planetary and is it fairly straightforward to use
  3. hi registax 6 or dss can anyone tell me which is the most straight forward one to use for stacking I have not yet tried any form of stacking thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for all the replies. What are your thoughts on stand alone guiding systems
  5. double cluster 60s sub m42 15s sub both 1600 iso from Panasonic G3 micro 4/3 rds
  6. hi im very new to ap[ and was wondering what are the cheapest ways in to auto guiding I have a celestron vx mount /6" newt and have had some reasonable images (imo for a noob ) without guiding upto 60s sub (no stacking ). what is the longest recommended un-guided images with good balanced set up iv put my first images 0f m42 + double cluster ( with out doubt plenty of room for improvement ) thanks in advance
  7. hi all updating this post after ordering the 6se I had a change of mind and cancelled the 6se as astrophotography is limited with the se mount, even though its not top of the agenda yet I thought I would future proof myself and get a equatorial mount for around the same budget so after a lot of thinking and mind changing I am now the owner of a celestron 6" newt on a vx mount with a couple of x-cel eyepieces + x-cel 2x barlow just waiting for clear skys now thanks for all your advice
  8. ordered new 6se ,just what I allways wanted Can any of u guys recommend two ep,s for this scope One for dso's One for planets As a starting point with out spending a fortune Aprox £100 for the pair Cheers
  9. Thanks ronin For a fantastic n speedy review this really helps
  10. possibly a simple question which do u guys recommend as a all round go-to starter scope thanks in advance clarke
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