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  1. Hi M00NMonkey, Strickly speaking it shouldn't really matter that you plugged your camera in 1st before installing the software. Assuming you're plugging your camera in via a USB\Firewire port then XP Plug n Play should have detected the new device and asked for the locations of the driver files. If you then installed the camera software whilst the camera was still plugged in then the driver for the camera should have been installed at this point. When you say the camera is definetly connected to windows - does it appear under Device Manager? (Right-click My Computer, select Manage, select Devi
  2. Sparkyjon, thanks for the advice I think she is interested in planetary observations to start. I visited Opticstar (Sale) this afternoon and i discussed the meade etx 80 back pack observatory with the owner. The impression I got from him was that this scope wasn't really suitable for planetar. Do you have or know anyone who has 1st experience of this scope?
  3. Grotemobile - Thanks for your advise, do you think this would be very portable? I own an EQ mount and I think the weight of it is quite a lot, the counter weights I guess add a lot to the total weight.
  4. Hi Gareth, Thanks for the advise, do you think a Sky-watcher Heritage-130p Flextube would be any good? Regards Ian
  5. My friend is just about to celebrate her 60th revolution around the giant ball of gas we call the sun. She is very interested in Astronomy so I would like to buy her a Telescope. It must meet the following criteria: 1. Portable - Ideally something where the mount and the OTA will fit into a back pack or small case\bag 2. Cheap(ish) - I am happy to spend between £250 to £350 I've looked at a couple of telescope that seem to fit the bill but could do with some advise from the wonderful members of Star gazers lounge Hope you can help
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