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  1. Many thanks again, Swag. Interesting points about the guiding/tracking aspect. I will certainly look in to this before making any purchase.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. As far as my understanding carries yes the HEQ5 does have a guiding system. Swag72 - thank you for your advice here. I see the telescope you recommend here has the same optics as the two I have selected but is cheaper. Can I ask what the main differences between them are? Cheers
  3. Hi all I'm looking to get my first kit together. I've been saving the pounds, joined a local club and have read the internet from cover to cover! I think I'm ready to take the plunge and buy my first kit. I should point out I am mainly interested in Astro Photography so I've chosen what I hope are good candidates for this goal. For my scope I initially wanted an Orion ED80T CF (which in the UK is a whopping £899 / $1,426US). I then found a TLAPO804 for £670 which I understand is the same scope, minus the carbon fibre and perhaps not as good looking. For my mount I'm looking at HEQ5 for £792. I have a Canon 650D DSLR. A couple of questions that I have: 1. I just wondered if I could garner opinion going for the TLAPO804 over the ED80T CF is a sensible choice. 2. Are the prices I've been seeing reasonable for UK purchase? Finally, and perhaps most importantly: 3. Any assistance or advice on necessary or recommend accessories are much appreciated. I am certainly new to this and would welcome some tips on must-haves for the mount/scope with reference to Astro Photography. It's all so blumming daunting! Cheers
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