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  1. UPDATE Richard I owe you one. Just got home and spotted a chance to train the scope on to moon. I removed the spacer as suggested and tried both the 20mm and the 6mm eyepiece. No problem finding an focus at all!! I knew it would be something I was doing wrong. All your help was much appreciated guys. Unfortunately the gap in the clouds has closed so cannot test it on anything else but at least I know it works. JT
  2. You are quite correct. The images I have without the Barlow are indeed perfectly fine. I just wondered if I was doing something wrong
  3. Richard - you might have something there. There is a small piece that unscrews and comes away. Whether this is a spacer for the purpose you describe I am unsure but it allows the barlow to sit inside the tube and its removal may well allow me the extra travel needed to achieve an image. Unfortunately the cloud looks like it is here to stay for the night so as soon as I can get back out to test this I will update this thread. Thanks all JT
  4. Thanks Steve. The wheel is all the way in before a clear image is achieved. It happens with both the 20mm and the 6mm. I think I will put it down to being both cheap and possibly faulty. I will look to purchase another soon and keep it when I upgrade the scope. Thanks for your help JT
  5. Thanks for your time Steve The focal lengths of the eyepieces are 20mm and 6mm The view I get is simply one which has the object centred but large and blurred. When I move the focus wheel it starts to get smaller and starts to become clearer, but long before I can get a viewable image I reach the limit of the focus wheel and cannot go any further. I wonder if it is that I am exceeding the max usable magnification as you suggest. I admit I did not allow the scope to cool for an hour as I did not know this was necessary and the cloud was coming in and I wanted to use the scope tonight while I could. I will bear this in mind in future though, thanks JT
  6. I have Shaun, I move in the direction where the focus starts to sharpen but I reach the limit of the focus wheel before it achieves it
  7. Can anyone help? Only been observing since Christmas so I am a total noob. Just arrived home and the skies were clear as a bell so out I went with my small Dobson. This is the first time since Christmas I've been able to view the moon through it so that was my first stop - stunning. Next I managed to locate, what Star Walk reliably informs me was Aldebaran (HR 1457) a beautiful orange star and from there to Jupiter and it's moons, unfortunately too soon to see the red spot. Then I thought I'd try out the Dobson eyepiece which came with the scope. Now I admit that this is a cheap scope (I was bought it as a present at Christmas) and as I have previously said I am sure to be upgrading sooner rather than later. Generally I am really chuffed with it apart from the Barlow eyepiece that came with it. All of the other eyepieces work perfectly but as soon as I combine them with the Barlow I cannot get a focus at all. My question is simply, is it the fact that this is a low quality Barlow or am I missing something? Any help appreciated. JT
  8. i'll bear that in mind when I go shopping thanks JT
  9. Some great suggestions. Thanks all. Opticstar are not too far at all so I'll give them a call and speak to them about visiting the shop.
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