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  1. Sadly no. with the way my hours work I don't get chance to go to events because when there on I'm normally at work till 9:30 at night. this is why I put this up. it's hard some times to balance my time because my son and girlfriend live in leeds and I live and work in otley. What part of north leeds do you live in?
  2. Craig_R_Oliver

    My first Photo's

    This album will contain Photo's I have taken of the night sky with my basic camara My camara is a Samsung WB100 with a 26X zoom level so not very good for astro photography
  3. Ok thanks every one. I don't plan on cleaning it unless i have to. But at least i know how to clean it safely now
  4. Hi I'm just wondering if any one knows what's the best thing to use to clean telescope lenses and the main mirror?
  5. Well I have a tracking motor and a new lens. All I need now is a clear night to start observing

  6. Hi my name’s Craig. I’m really interested in meeting other people interested in astronomy. Unfortunately I don’t get out much with work and just wondered if I gave a date and time if any one would like to meet in Otley for a chat and a chance to make new friends. Any one is welcome to come down. So if you can give me your thoughts I’d be grateful?
  7. Hi my names Craig I would like to know if there are any astronomy groups local to Otley that meet on another day other than a Wednesday. Reason I ask this, is that I would very much like to go to one but they meet on a Wednesday and I can’t go because I’m at work till 9:30 at night. So if anyone knows, would you be so kind as to let me know. I would very much like to meet other astronomers and increase my knowledge of the stars.
  8. yeah alot of people have been suggesting wide angle lenses. I'm sertanly going to buy a wide angle lence with advice I've had. I'm wanting a close angle lence so i can try have a closer look at the planets. I'm now torn between an 8mm lence or a 5mm. I've seen some kits with both wide angle and 8mm or 5mm depending how they work the sizes
  9. OK well I've been having a browse around on line and seen some kits. But I'll have a look for lenses from Sky's The Limit.
  10. yeah i found that out last night when i read the user guide. luckily it takes me about half an hour to get set up
  11. yeah i understand what you're saying. the objects i'm most interested in seeing are the planets i know i won't get a very clear image like on the net but one of my books does say that i might be able to identify colours and bands on Jupiter for example witch is what i would like to active. as for the computer program you've mentioned i've a program called star calc which i use a lot. would stellarium be better? the other thing i would like to know is what brand of lence would be best?
  12. hmm i guess it would depend witch way your looking i've often found if i'm watching south when i'm in the field near me i can't see much because of light polution but if i watch north over the fields i can see so much more.
  13. right ok. so a 5mm would be good for watching Jupiter and would it be ok for nebulars and galaxies once i locate them, for a closer look? sadly i've spotted many celestial objects and body but there true beauty has so far been hidden from me and i would very much like to see there true colours
  14. Ilkley moor would be a good place there's parking about halfway up near the cow and calf, and there's some ok places in Otley it's self theres a small field near me i use some times.
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