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  1. Cheers mate thats exactly what i need.top man
  2. thanks but i didnt get that cable with my heq5 mount, wher could i buy one or could i make it up. im a spark and have those connecters and cable would need to know what pins to wire on the serial end and the other. if there was a pic somewhere of each end up close that would be fab. i could make it to the desired length.thanks again
  3. do i still not need a cable to the mount to guide it though? or even to the handset? both connections ar the same, the spare one on the handset and the guide port on the mount
  4. hi mate sorry yes its a heq5 with a synscan handset. ive been told i can link to the handset to laptop and put it in pc direct mode, that way i dont need to use the guide port on the mount for guiding. the spare connection on the handset is same as the guide port
  5. Hi guys im almost there but can anyone tell me what i need to link my hand controller to my laptop. There is another port on it and i was told you can link fron here to laptop put itin pc direct mode then through eqascom guide the mount using an spc900. Its same size as the guide port on the mount.
  6. Hi guys i wanna make a lead up, anybody know the connections i should make each end.
  7. Yes mate ive been looking into that but the other connection on the hand controller is smaller. Do i still need st4 to usb for this connection. Where could i buy one?
  8. Im aware the dslr isnt for guiding im linking it to my laptop so o can use backyard eos to setup adjust and control tge shutter without touching it. My heq5 mount only has rj45 for the hand controller and then the rj12 for autoguider. I need some way of linking the guide port to my laptop
  9. Hi guys. Im gonna be constructing a guide mont for my st80 using aluminium bar and tubing with nylon adjustment bolts. I will have enough left to make 2 if anyone would like one i would sell it very cheap for the complete kit and possibly make more if anyone wants
  10. Thanks sailor but i have to run a cable to my mount aswell, right?
  11. Sorry mate thought i had a sig. Its a heq5 pro synscan
  12. Hi guys, i want to use this webcam with my st80 fot auto guiding. As this is not a dedicated guide camera it obviously doesnt have a serial port. This is what i have found i need to do so far. Link guide cam to hub and my dslr to hub then to laptop so i can control the dslr and view through the guide cam. How do i then control the mount, st4 from laptop to mount? What software do i use to do this?
  13. Yes got you now. I dont have an actual guide cam just a philips spc. Im guessing i will have to run am st4 cable to my laptop and control it that way somehow. Thanks for the info, cleared alot of things up for me. I think a qhy5 is on my birthday list.lol
  14. I realise that i can control my mount from the handset but do i not need to link it to my laptop for autoguiding it using software. I understand about the hub and usb for linking both cameras to the laptop but does my guidscope not have to tell my mount were to move if tracking is off?
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