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    Astronomy has been part of my life just a short time but I'm hooked lol
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    Manchester uk
  1. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and I might just take a few of you up on ur offers sounds like a plan just have to talk to husband I'm to standing out in the cold lol thank you all again x
  2. Hi all my name is Lisa im a mother and a wife but I also love astronomy I work more hours that I can think but I get chance to get out and have a look at our night sky's but as some of you may know Manchester is known as the rainy city which means its overcast most of the time lol that doesn't put me off I just go higher anyway enough about me I'm a beginner at astronomy with not having much time on my hands but now I'm planning to use the dark hours to get out and do as much stargazing as I can thanks for reading talk to u all soon lisa x
  3. Far too cold and cloudy to stargaze tonight :(

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