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  1. steve walsh

    5M 2.1/5.5mm Extension Cable

    Thanks Jonn,lits a good price but the only down side is it could be up to 3 weeks before it arrives. Not a big problem,we wait long for a clear night sometimes
  2. Hi,I'm thinking of buying a mains power supply for my mount with a cigarette lighter socket built in. As these kind of power supplies need to be kept in a dry ventilated place i was thinking of buying an extension cable like this one http://www.securitycamera2000.com/products/5M-2.1%7B47%7D5.5mm-Extension-Cable-for-DC-Power-Supply.html?setCurrencyId=2 Do you think this will be suitable? Cheers Steve
  3. steve walsh

    NEQ6 mount weight limit

    I have now attached everything to the mount and it takes it all without any problem. thai you all for your help,i just couldn't wait until i got home
  4. steve walsh

    NEQ6 mount weight limit

    Hi Andy,I'm not going to mount side by side,and i don't have a extension bar. Im going to fully load the mount later and see how it balances up.
  5. steve walsh

    NEQ6 mount weight limit

    Hi, I've just taken delivery of my new NEQ6 mount and I'm going to be using a skywatcher 150 PDS reflector and a skywatcher ST 80 as a guide scope that will be attached using the skywatcher guidescope mount. I will also be using a Canon 100 and a skywatcher synguider. Do you think this is too much weight for the NEQ6? Also would you recommend a extra counterweight or a extension bar? Thanks Steve
  6. steve walsh

    Skywatcher SupaTrak mount set up

    Thank you Peter.
  7. Hi,i bought a Mak 127 last year and it came with a Skywatcher SupaTrak mount that i have never used as i have another mount that i use,but now i would like to use it for planetary and lunar imaging as its a lot easier to carry outside than the HEq5 mount and I've lost the instructions on how to set it up,so if there are any SupaTrak mount users out there who could help i would be most grateful. Cheers Steve
  8. http://www.wdsltd.co.uk/product/3338/adjusting-screw-steel-metric-wds-605 im looking for some collimating screws for a Skywatcher 150 PDS,i know they are M4 screws but on this link there are 3 different M4 screws and just wanted to make sure i get the correct ones,so if anyone can help i would be very grateful cheers Steve
  9. steve walsh

    Home made dew shield.

    Thanks Peter
  10. Hi,I've come across a sheet of corrugated black plastic and was hoping to make a dew shield for my Skywatcher Mak127 and was wondering has anyone got the correct measurements as I'm unsure of how long it needs to be. thanks Steve
  11. Hi,I'm currently saving up for a EVOSTAR-80ED DS-PRO and was wondering what is the best guidescope to use,i have the skywatcher synguider at the moment and i use it with the skywatcher st80,is it possible to use the st80 with the Evostar 80ED? Cheers Steve
  12. steve walsh

    Finding a particular star

    Thanks again acey,i t has finally sunk in lol,your a star
  13. steve walsh

    Finding a particular star

    Im having trouble with tellurium,is there a NGC or Messier close to it?
  14. steve walsh

    Finding a particular star

    Thanks for all your help,i will try and image that area of the sky the next clear night we get.

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