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  1. I am also looking for telescope shop in north west so be good to hear what you think
  2. doctorbenny

    Hi all

    I'm gonna leave the photography part for now but would be interested in the future, I'm thinking of getting dobsonian skywatcher 150p
  3. doctorbenny

    Hi all

    Thanks guys that was a warm welcoming :-)
  4. doctorbenny

    Hi all

    So i'm Ben wrote about me on profile so to cut it short i'm from Lancashire an complete noob to this so i'm sure we'll meet thru many question's i'll be asking be getting telescope very soon
  5. I shall go an have a look at the 150 p at the shop so can see size of it then find best price using these recommendations thanks
  6. I might just have the room for the 150 p any advice where to buy it? If any one knows of any shops in Lancashire that sell them that would be great if not a trusted internet site will do. Thanks for help guys
  7. Yes I'm thinking the 150 p just the size of it have to see if I can make room any one know dimensions when setup roughly? Thanks for fast replys
  8. So I ve been looking thru nightvision cam an binoculars at the night sky decided its time to invest in a telescope, I'd rather spend the little extra if it's worth it thinking 150 300 at very top end any suggestions? Only be using it in house or garden I'm abit of a random gazer like to look at lots of things what could I expect to see with a price range like that? An would be nice to film or take pictures but if that would jeopardise quality or distance think I'd be alright leaving photo part. Thanks
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