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  1. Looks a bit suspect to me, the current highest bit on all the listings seems to be the same person ... probably someone jacking up the price.
  2. Thanks for the advice A.G, I will take a look at those filters and also try to make sure I get the focus as accurate as I can. There seems to be a very narrow "sweet spot" with the standard focuser on the ST120 so I have been considering getting one of these Skywatcher Dual Speed 2" Refactor Crayford Focuser Cheers, Shecks
  3. Hi all, Quick newbie question, is there a way (filter, camera settings etc) to reduce the amount of chromatic abberation seen/captured using a refractor scope (ST120 in this case) ? Or is it a case that you get what you pay for and that the more expensive apochromatic refractors are the way to go? I was out with my ST120 tonight and took some pictures of the moon and was surprised at the amount of CA Converting the image to greyscale fixes/hides the problem, but is there a better way to reduce the CA to start with? Will CA be as apparent on darker targets? Cheers Shecks
  4. New scope, check, no clouds, check, nasty flu, check :(

  5. Just seen Saturn for the first time through my scope ... well impressed :)

    1. northwalesparry


      me too last night..cool

    2. northwalesparry


      me too last night..cool

  6. I took a chance and order one anyway, I figured the same that I can just pop it out if it's no good. Now just need to find a nice little aluminium project box for my "Franken-cam" project Shecks
  7. Just a quick question on this, there are adapters on eBay with built in IR filters that the seller claims to be "high quality" Has anyone bought on of these? Are they worth buying or would it be better just to by the adpater without the filter and get a propper screw in filter from an astronomy retailer? I suspect that they may not be much better than the existing filter but would be interested to know if anyone has used one of these adapters Cheers, Shecks
  8. Those pictures are excellent, the detail is amazing Shecks
  9. I just downloaded the SDK for my D5100, but I am guessing that there's common core functionality support for multiple models provided by the SDK (there's a library called NkdPTP.dll) and you also get a model specific module (Type0005.md3 in my case) that's loaded by the SDK/Library for use with particular models, It looks as though you can have a set of these MD3 files and load them dynamically depending on which model camera you are using. I really should set aside some time to have a play with the SDK, just can't think of anything cool to write ... need motivation Shecks
  10. There doesn't seem to be any approval required, I got them last week, they just ask you to fill out an online form with details about your company, the type of software you are planning on writing etc. I just told them it was for astrophotography applications and personal use. From my initial look through the SDK and examples it doesn't look like the most intuitive SDK and could do with a nice higher level wrapper that would be easier for people to pickup and get started. I haven't looked at the Canon SDKs to compare though. Shecks
  11. Nikon SDKs are also free to download, you just need to register to get them (they seem to want to know what you're planning to do with them) https://sdk.nikonimaging.com/apply/ I've only looked into this recently so I'm not sure how long they have been available for, either they haven't been telling people about their availability or developers just don't like Nikon Shecks
  12. Go away nasty clouds!

  13. Thank you all for the feedback. I think I am going to go with either the Skywatcher 9x50 (if I can find one with a black bracket to match my scope ) or the TS 8x50 as it's a good price. Cheers, Shecks
  14. I'd like to help too but I am pretty new here and I am usually asking questions rather than answering them I do have a scope with the same handset but I have not experienced any issues with the date (apart from forgetting that it likes the US format date, but based on your location, that should not be an issue ) I have noticed that during the alignment setup the handset skips the entry of the longitude and latitude and goes straight to the date and time settings and if you ever want to change those settings you need to press the "Back" button at that point and it will allow you to change them
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