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  1. Will have to watch this later due to she that must be obeyed.
  2. Nope. No good down South either.
  3. Both the 12mm and 18mm Starguiders work really well with that scope. You will see a noticeable difference in image quality. My 18mm is my most used EP.
  4. It doesn't make any difference (to me at least). How do you even define "right way up" in astronomy. Take the same scope to the other side of the world and the image flips again.
  5. Hi Pete. Seems to be quite a few of us on here from Brizzle.
  6. Amazing! Also looking forward to some more pics of the moons.
  7. I would also suggest this as it already looks pretty good.
  8. Fantastic. I love these images with a full spectrum of colours.
  9. I can drive 10 - 15 mins South out of Bristol and be in a place where the Milky Way is visible (just). The Dundry hills block a lot of LP from the city and there's not a lot else out that way to spoil the views. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect but a significant improvement considering the short distance travelled out of town. Of course you could carry on further into the countryside, but for me it's ideal.
  10. Just seen this on BBC news. Exciting stuff.
  11. Ok, but would the presence of ions have any detrimental impact? What I'm really trying to establish is whether there is any benefit to using deionised water for the purposes of mirror cleaning, being that it's already been stated that it still contains organics/solids. Or is it that there is simply less dissolved solids etc in deionised water?
  12. Forgive me for asking a potentially silly question, but given the above, what exactly then is deionised water free of? Sounds like normal tap water would do if this is the case.
  13. If I stick that on my primary mirror, will I get fabulous views of the cosmos?
  14. You may even see a discrepancy if you collimate with the laser, then remove it from the focuser, put it straight back in without changing anything, and it will still be out.
  15. Depends what you mean by "some way off". The discrepancy is probably due to slop in the focuser. A Cheshire is generally regarded as being more reliable but lasers do have their place. As you've already suggested, a star test is the best way of checking.
  16. Very nice. One of my favourite Messier objects.
  17. Maybe that's what Pluto actually looks like.
  18. Ah yes. You are indeed correct. I misread the map. Probably more like Ireland and mid Wales it is then. At least that's a bit closer
  19. North West Scotland it is then. Shame it's hundreds of miles away for me
  20. Hi Sheila. I have just been watching an interesting documentary about the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma and the fact that it may one day cause a giant landslide into the ocean with a resulting tsunami. Interesting yet disturbing! I bet the dark skies are amazing though.
  21. I was aware of the narrow band pass on this particular filter. However, it seems to be working for me but I have yet to compare it with anything else. Thanks for the link John.
  22. I've used my Baader OIII on M42 and it made a big difference, but as said above, it does dim the stars somewhat. I thought this filter would have come with a transmission curve, but it didn't. Do Baader do this with any of their products?
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