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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies so far. My back is not a problem normally, but with a hip problem, kneeling down to look through the straight finder scope was getting to be a pain to put it mildly, and stooping to look through the ep was the real problem. Looking at pictures of people using a dob - I thought this might work as it looks like you just stand more or less straight up - but wasn't sure about the different sizes. I don't think I could afford a 12" dob.....but have been looking at the 10" ones as it looks like I could use my existing ep's. Transporting ep's between countries is
  2. I travel between the UK and Sweden, and I am thinking of buying a new more permanent scope for Sweden and keep my Mak in the UK. After reading views/opinions etc I am considering a Dobsonian as portability won't be a problem. Size....well I suppose I will be governed by amount of cash available but I would love to get good views of deep sky objects that I cannot get with my MAK. I have bought some new eyepieces, so would hope to share them between both if possible. However, I am concerned about viewing and my back. I have had problems using a finder scope with my Mak when objects are high
  3. My first sight of Saturn too last night (27th April) and I too thought it amazing through my 9mm. Never thought to try my Barlow - and wouldn't expect a clear result if I did! Shuddering was a problem for me too on my goto mount - but I think I got the clearest I could. Not able to take a photo though - so I envy those of you who can. I wasn't put off by light pollution or the street lamp right by me - still thought the sight wonderful.
  4. Well I am back from my visit to Sweden - and although amazed at what I have observed - am somewhat disappointed and a little frustrated. The seeing was brilliant - over a week of clear skies and I did manage some obvious targets with the help of my newly purchased 'Turn Left at Orion' for Spring skies. So what were my problems? Not the cold (it was minus 10 or more, but I was warm enough in ski gear, old long second hand fur lined coat and 'moon' boots!! It was the limited view, and problems with the goto. Our cabin was in a clearing in the forest, and I could only see above trees facing s
  5. Thank you for your advice Stu. I will certainly try those - and have just watched a BBC clip on Mizor and Alcor. I had got a list of doubles, but being new am still getting my head around the naming protocols. It would help knowing greek, so am having to learn alpha, beta, etc. as I never bothered knowing them all before. It also shows you should read instructions and help files when setting up software. I have now configured Stellarium for my setup - didn't realise you could use Ctrl+O to see a scope view and flip it too Now I shall plan my viewing and make sketches of what I should se
  6. Thanks for the responses so far. Yes I have worked out now that I have a left right flip. That means that if I am looking with my eyes at Orion's belt, Mintaka is on the right. When I look through my scope it is on the left of the 3? Is that correct? No wonder my goto is out. I am most probably not aligning to the correct star!!!! I have downloaded the virtual moon atlas and can show that flipped...... it's going to be harder to get my brain to flip the constellations Also, I take it that there is no point me looking for double stars with my MAK as I won't be able to separate them.
  7. Hope someone can offer some help. My best night so far last night as far as clear skies concerned. Only had an hour, but decided to try Orion as it was the only bit in the sky I can see over the street lights! So I did see M42 as a hazy grey blur with very bright specs in my 32mm TeleVue and closer with my BST 18mm. So am assuming in light pollution that is the best I will get with my set up. However, my question is .....what should I see in my 127 MAK when looking at Mintaka? I was trying for the 'double star'. So how far away is the 'double'. I could see another bright spec quite clo
  8. So what type of chair? I tried a folding stool, but found it easier to stand. My MAK is so short I am not sure if using a chair would work as not sure best position for feet, height of mount etc. I must admit that looking through my straight sight (or what ever you call it !) then using the diagonal and finally view what I have focused on, my back is by then killing me
  9. I was all set to go out.......then realised I could only see very feint stars.......then didn't bother. I thought that with such a clear sunny day, no clouds.....it would be brilliant tonight. Obviously no such luck. Since buying my scope I have only had about 6 hours of viewing
  10. I am new to all this, and bought the skymax 127 after much dithering. I am using it outside my front door with a street lamp very close, and light pollution from being close to a large town. I get excellent views of the moon, have had ok views of jupiter.....and did see a smudge that I am saying was the Orion nebulae. I am sure I got the behive cluster but perhaps did not see as many stars as you would with clear skies!!! I have yet to give it a thorough test though as the weather has not been favourable since buying it I have made a dew shield that extends out about six inches and I am s
  11. Hi James, I am following your post with interest as I obviously have the same scope as you. My new eyepieces have yet to be put to the test - only had an hour for a quick look at the moon the other night (amazing and going to do the 100 list) and jupiter was much clearer using my new 9mm than the 10mm supplied with the scope. Since getting my scope last month, observing has been very limited and I feel really stupid set up by my front door - but I don't feel brave enough to go out looking for less light polluted skies as hubby not really into this. I am still hoping that my two weeks in S
  12. Well thanks to everyone's suggestions..... I have spent way more than I was going to, but thought what the heck!! So I have bought a TeleVue 32mm, a 9mm Celestron Xcel-LX and a 15mm BST starguider. I ordered yesterday, each from a different supplier, either free p&p, or standard delivery ( from Amazon) . They all arrived today Can't complain about that can I. I also can't complain about the views I got tonight of the moon and Jupiter. Light pollution was pretty bad as I am set up in front of my house with street lights close by. Then things deteriorated by 8pm so called it a nig
  13. Point taken Think I knew that really.....but so wary of buying something I am not sure about second hand.....but I HAVE bought second hand off ebay, so not adverse to the method. Just couldn't see anything today, and of course not having written 50 posts yet....can't access second hand on this forum yet I am thinking of visiting a shop!!! Now there's a thought
  14. Well, been looking around and can't find anything on the second hand market......if they were any good why would people sell them I ask?? So hedging towards paying a bit more than £50 - maybe £75?....... perhaps just buy 3....... a 32mm, 18mm, and 7 or 8. Now it is just the brand Think that wipes out Tele Vue and Baader Hyperions unless someone knows of a deal anywhere!!
  15. Thank you for the quick response - all very helpful. Will look at what you have suggested today. When I first set up my scope I was about to give up as I couldn't get anything in view/focus - then suddenly ....wow the moon !!! Now realise I must have been trying with the 10mm......it wasn't until I used the 25mm that I got a result !! So hopefully, with some decent lenses I will begin to enjoy my new scope. Nice to hear that I didn't make a costly mistake buying this scope as a starter
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