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  1. Cheers Leveye. I actually came across this before and it had a few bad reviews and no good reviews so was undecided. I actually have a canon adapter for the scope but no camera! I was depending on a friends camera to use for it. Just too expensive for me so decided to try the cheaper route first for a while.
  2. Hi guys, Just wondering can anybody recommend a good Smartphone mount for my telescope? Preferably a universal one as I have a HTC One S and an iPod that may fit it also. I'm finding it fairly difficult to find a decent one especially in Ireland. Even if you know of any websites in the UK that would be willing to deliver for a reasonable price to Ireland it would be helpful. Cheers.
  3. I know very little about webcams and looking them up is confusing me more and more! I'll have a look at the XBox ones and see what they're like. Thank you
  4. Hello I'm wondering do you have to use a specific type of webcam for a telescope as I know you have to remove the part around the lens. I'm looking at this one: http://www.littlewoodsireland.ie/hama-ac-150-webcam/1191231492.prd?browseToken=%2fq%2fwebcam Its cheap and cheerful and just wondering would it be any good? Would the quality by ok or substandard?
  5. Thank you for the replies. I managed to update my synscan remote anyway! Might look into the power tanks and see if I can get one at a reasonable price as they seem fairly expensive online.
  6. Ya I'm still using batteries. Got rechargeable ones and was debating whether to get a power supply as well.
  7. There seems to be an alignment problem on the telescope. Even after doing the two star alignment I almost always first aim for Jupiter. It finds that and then doesn't go anywhere near the next star etc. I look for. The second star in the two star alignment is rarely found either.
  8. Scarlet89


    I would if I had them!!
  9. Ok I'm having a bit of trouble finding updates for my Skywatcher Exp 130p synscan AZ GoTo telescope. I've been on their site(www.skywatcher.com) and I can't seem to get anything. Some codes come up on every page I click on. Then they have a skywatcher.net site with absolutely no AZ firmware updates only EQ firmware updates! I'm so confused as to how I can update the firmware as I cant seem to get it on either site. I'm wondering has anybody else got problems in accessing the site or know of any other way of getting the update. Thank you.
  10. Scarlet89


    Thanks guys judging by the amount of posts ye have and the info underneath ye're comments, I'm definitely going to be at a loss for a while lol. Just getting myself used to the jargon used in astronomy!
  11. Scarlet89


    Thank you! Unfortunately the weather isn't going my way the last few nights so hopefully it'll change for me soon!
  12. Scarlet89


    Hello I'm a 23 year old who's after getting a Skywatcher exp 130p synscan AZ GoTo telescope for Christmas and just decided to join a site for info! I was observing the sky years ago with my brother but due to the weather in my lovely country, amongst other things, I gave up. However, my interest has been renewed due to Jupiter catching my eye and the beautiful sight of Orion with the naked eye! Looking forward to being on this forum and cheers for reading.
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