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  1. For my celestron GT102 i bought a car jumpstarter from RS components for abut £35 has a 12v cigar lighter output and i have modified the light with red plastic for nighttime view
  2. Windows 7 64bit is the best option with any dual core laptop with at least 4gb hard drive. I got windows 8 but i find it a complete pain!! The metro interface just gets annoying plus there are other quirks that windows 7 does not have. This seems a good deal at ebuyer.com http://www.ebuyer.com/398053-acer-aspire-v5-thin-and-light-nx-m2cek-003 £229 after cashback! James
  3. Hi Very impressed with your results, very good! James
  4. Hi Enclosed is a my first picture of Jupiter captured last night. I was using my new 102GT refractor scope and manually held my smartphone to the eyepiece more luck than judgement!!! Jupiter is over exposed but 3 moons are captured. It was windy also, so the mount was shaking a bit!! James
  5. Hi I agree with Paul, as i have a 70mm Celestron travel scope, the supplied tripod is rubbish and i bought a giotto camera tripod on amazon, amore stable. I have had some good results with this scope seeing Jupiter and moons, good views of the Moon too. The optics are quite good for the money. i find the 25mm eyepiece a good choice for observing. I have also a Celestron Nexstar 102gt refractor, and I have put the travelscope on the Goto mount with good results too. But getting back your point, you cannot beat the Travelscope for portability! Jim
  6. After all the deliberating, I have purchased a celestron nexstar 102gt refractor from eBay, good price too! Has anyone had any experience with it and what upgrades can anyone recommend? At some point in the the future I could purchase a MAK ota of say 127mm aperture, the mount and goto system would great combo? Your thoughts please? James
  7. Hi Thats an interesting scope, brings back my childhood memories! I have used the exact same model in the late 70' and early 80's. This was my Grandad's scope. I remember the wooden tripod being very heavy. You right the eyepieces were leaning to very high magnifications and therefore lots of optical aberrations. But the main thing me and my brother had loads of fun and starry nights through the telescope!
  8. I might go for the Celestron Nexstar 90 SLT for about £300 then? Has anyone used or own this particular scope, your thoughts would be of interest to me? James
  9. I do have this scope as i am rekindling my interest in astronomy. But i will get a better scope hopefully soon. I have seen Jupiter and moons through it and is quite good at wide file of view star clusters as well. It is cheap with reasonable optics but the standard tripod is a bit wobbly at furthest extent. I have purchased a better camera tripod to overcome this. But for your purposes for travel i might be the ticket? James
  10. Hi, what about a celestron 70mm travel scope refractor, complete with back pack and is light weight. £60 so if damaged no great loss? James
  11. hi thanks for the thoughts on this!1 hi DaveH, i am in sittingbourne so not far! i have joined MKAS what about you? I think goto scopes are the way forward as they enhance your observing enjoyment. I am pretty knowledgeable on navigating around the night sky such as most bright stars/constellation and few nebula/clusters . But a goto will give i hope less frustration looking for objects and more time viewing! but as all things it comes down to budget etc i think a £350 budget is good but shall I just get a 127/102 Mak or 130 Newt on a goto or maybe a 4" refractor, thats the issue, celestron or skywatcher?
  12. Anyone had any experience with celestron LCM goto mount and tripod, and what sort of OTA mounted on it? Or is a celestron LCM 114 reflector any good as a goto grab and go telescope? I be interested in anybody's thoughts on this. James
  13. Jcousins

    Hi from Maidstone

    Hi and welcome to, I'm new on here too, but interested in astronomy since I was a boy! Are you a member of any local societies? As I just join mkas recently. Want to chat etc? James
  14. Jcousins

    Hi from Maidstone

    Hi and welcome to, I'm new on here too, but interested in astronomy since I was a boy! Are you a member of any local societies? As I just join mkas recently. Want to chat etc? James
  15. I started astronomy after using my grand dads 3" dixons refractor in the late 70's and my idol was and still is Carl sagan! I've always been interested in science and now I think it it time to rekindle that boyhood interest and dream!
  16. What are the best eyepiece upgrades for a modest cost for MAK-cassegrain scopes as they have a a long focal length. I would like to to see saturn's rings and titan, uranus/neptune. But also some deep sky objects like M31, Orion Neb, and other star clusters? Are barlow lens worth it on a MAK scope? I look forward to thoughts? James
  17. Waht be best for me a goto MAK scope or a compact goto Newt scope? what is best for ongoing maintenance etc? The Newt will be cheaper? any recommendations please?
  18. will be nice to get to know some of the mid kent astronomical society members and what i can expect with this group?
  19. Hi Guys Thanks for the advice! I am quite well versed on the stars and constellations and navigate the sky well! but being a gadget fan a goto system would enhance my observing. Portability is also key as i will take to friends house or observe away in better skies in the countryside. I live in a town but limit viewing due to other houses etc
  20. I live in sittingbourne. I anyone a member of the middle Kent astronomical society, and as I have just joined.
  21. What about a 4" refractor on a goto mount? Better field of view than a mak scope, so therefore better at dso use a Barlow for magnification? Anyone used the celestron nexstar, 102slt refractor? Cheers James
  22. Hi Thanks for the warm welcome by everyone! Go to telescopes, I love gadgets and i work with computers so I a natural choice. But shall I get a celestron, or SkyWatcher mak goto telescope or a 4" refractor. Refractor would be better for dso due to wider field of view, the but still good for planets and etc? Any experience on this I would be interested in your views James
  23. thanks for the input so far! I am new to the latest technology but not to astronomy, i have a good knowledge of the sky etc. But i would like a telescope that takes some of the hassle out of seeking various objects. I would like to view solar system objects and lunar observation, but i would like to see some DSO too. Astrophotograpy of the planets and moon with a compact digital camera or a cheap webcam could be a priority. Portability is also high on my list as well as reasonable low maintenance of the scope itself!! but like all things in life compromise is always there! The scope also has the ability of upgrades such as focuser/eyepieces or other modest gains! so any help for my choice will help thanks again James
  24. hi i am looking to purchase a computerised goto telescope and i have a budget of around £300 or so could stretch a little. My choice is out of either of these two scopes: Sky-Watcher SKYMAX 102 SynScan AZ GOTO Telescope or, Celestron Nexstar 90 SLT Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope I would like to know anybodies experience with either and any recommendations? I primary want to view solar system/lunar objects with some sort of photography and some deep sky observing of easy targets? Also binary star systems will be of interest as well. So i look forward to any comments etc thanks james
  25. Hi I'm new to this site but not to astronomy. Just rekindled my interest after 30 years! Looking to buy a goto telescope soon
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