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  1. That's super help, I get the reluctance to crop as I'm often also over preserving dodgy edges.
  2. Is your machine 32 or 64 bit. You can't install 64 bit on a 32 bit W10 install
  3. The zwo site is working for me I just tried it.
  4. Some more on the 14th, 25 second exposures with 2 second gap between frames, one was just caught between frames it was travelling very fast.
  5. I have the wifi dongle and the synscan v3 handset (picked up second hand) both work with the virtuoso v1 though I use the handset the most as I use the phone while outside for controlling the camera. It is good to see the virtuoso concept has been continued with a telescope choice update.
  6. When I use a static mount where I have around 100 images I divide it into three batches. I pick a good frame from the middle of the 100 images and use it in each stack but marked as the reference frame only in the two other stacks. Once processed I stitch them using ICE (Microsoft seem to have withdrawn it now).
  7. I'm not managing to capture very many at all, probably not helped by using a 150° lens. Perhaps hedging my bets and using a DSLR and a wide lens would do better, though the ones captured so far are so far apart that I'd probably get none. Still will carry on having a go, you never know.
  8. Unfortunately slight MSD card issue on the 12th so didn't capture the entire night and what I did hadn't caught any perseids. Though 5 were on last nights, but no spectacular fireballs. Bortle 5 and clouds.
  9. Reading the odd post these are some ideas @Ags - are the various updates in sync, such as the motor controller firmware etc. - check your location setting, is auto right for you or does your GPS drop out and manual might work better (maybe that causes your random slewing hen GPS is lost) - there is a 120 page thread just on this mount which may glean other ideas Just got to identify the hole your issue falls into.
  10. They've been picked up well, but as some fireballs would be longer I would try 3 to 4 seconds and drop gain if necessary
  11. Thank you, I would not have caught that one as street lights still on and camera starts at 11:56
  12. I enjoyed the talk as well, thanks to the presenters.
  13. A few more here, but no really impressive fireball caught since the one of the 28th July which was probably too early for a Perseids. (each frame 25 seconds with 5 second gap). The camera ASI462 no IR filter faces almost due East.
  14. I'm using a ASI462 and doing 25 seconds using 120 gain and 20 offset with the 150 fisheye lens
  15. Could you share the date/time to ss please as it would be nice to see which of my unimpressive captures it was please on the accidental all sky cam. That's a very nice capture. I haven't caught a good fireball since the 28th July hence not yet adding to the challenge thread.
  16. My hesitance to using autoskakkert was that when I last looked it wasn't on behind a https site same with pipp
  17. I like the increased telescope size from the virtuoso v1 and I think they'll work very nicely (I like my v1 flavour) freedom find is very useful.
  18. What are you connecting with, there's a good image with a pi hdv2 camera in the perseids thread is using pi.
  19. This will be interesting as I thought I'd try this with the 462 at some point and the 50ED
  20. If imaging a constellation it does highlight the outline clearly, but for me who uses vintage lenses it otherwise looks rather like CA.
  21. Those images are generated from imaging and not what you see through the eyepiece as they are created from many frames combined. Have you read the link given earlier in this thread on 'what can I expect to see'? This might help with expectations and what telescope. If you are chasing magnification a mak or sct design telescope may suit.
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