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  1. Installed on my nexus 7 2012 running 4.4.4 and it only wanted my network in permissions thumbs up from me.
  2. I am not sure about this one, the Heritage the naked focuser opening is 45.1mm which looks to be way bigger than the 31mm suggested for the telescope mount part of this replacement idea. Also I think 10mm of focus travel is not enough. Off looking for toehr ones now. I actually already own the 135mm Helios lens in this thread. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/193010-low-profile-non-rotating-helical-focuser/
  3. Your existing heritage is very portable great for the dash between clouds :-) A good read for while away 'Turn Left at Orion'. Stellarium is a brilliant free download.
  4. Sometimes I stick my heritage on an upturned bucket on a paving slab. Reasonably stable. I sit on a plastic garden chair.
  5. I have bought a Baader Neodymium filter to help with the sky glow. When it arrives I will do a before and after test image. Still plugging away and trying different DSS versions and StarTools, there is evidence of a fair tail just the overall background keeps mucking up. Still you don't learn unless you get stuck in and try.
  6. Would rather drop the trusses then cut anything, might reduce the focused stability/strength if it were smaller.
  7. The Mak I read has a narrower field of view but might come bundled on a tracking mount. Can you get to a local shop or astro club to see different scopes and sizes? Is it far from storage location to observing site and/or any stairs involved, this might affect your choice. However small the scope you use is the one that will show you stuff.
  8. Please can you post plain text I can't see anything unless I fiddle with your post or quote it just so I can read it. Heck sorry I sound moany mo :-\
  9. My concern is that the unit would sit the eyepiece to high to reach focus though I guess could just push the trusses down to compensate.
  10. I will try to measure it later with my micrometre to see out of interest what it is, I am liking the thought hugely of that one in the link.
  11. Hi If you think that showing and sharing will be a regular event then you might want to consider a tracking mount. A dobsonian mount will allow more money for the optics in the bundle, a mount like your 100p is on, but with how this hobby is developing for you is a different mount something to consider if you are going to be sharing views or perhaps you did not mind setting it pointing right.
  12. Hi Diagonal in first. Then you put the barlow in and then an eyepeice. Or diagonal followed by eyepeice.
  13. You have reignited my mission to replace the focuser. http://www.365astronomy.com/1.25-Non-rotating-Helical-Micro-Focuser-with-T-thread-and-0.05mm-Scale.html I have sent a question.
  14. That looks very interesting. How does that focus I can not see anything to turn to adjust focus, perhaps I need to look again.
  15. That's great. They were supposed to paint the side of the one nearest me but fitted some strange internal half luvre design which is hardly making a difference. Would be interested to see a pick of your shield.
  16. Got mine for 1100d by a google search, found all I needed but didn't keep the site reference.
  17. You must be East of me then as the wind changed direction from earlier which was North East and now it is blowing in from the West, you got the cloud I came in from... off to check in a bit if it has gone. How long where they please?
  18. Did you take in the comet as well? If not whoops off out again.
  19. Just been out pre dinner looking at it with bins, it is clearer then previously but no tail, might try a look out back but it is icy on the decking.
  20. The new lights stand taller too so for me reduce the area where they are not to a much smaller space.
  21. Just about to check Stellarium to see where it is, I may only get to use the bins depending on where it is. Light pollution filter order this morning :-) 6.09 and extint at 6.29 so fading fast and only a day ot two ago it was 5. something.
  22. You also do not see signatures in mobile view anyway. Keeps the screen nice and clean.
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