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  1. nice picture! have you tried using the barlow x2 on jupiter? i tried but i couldn't get an of the planet....i could ony make out discs.
  2. Hi was this image took using the skywatcher 200P? i can't seem to get anywhere near a good image like that and i have the same telescope.
  3. Hi John im looking to spend around the 300 mark....cheers
  4. Hi im looking for a telescope which is good for viewing the surface on planets, any recommendations would help
  5. well guys ive made mind up and im going to buy my eye pieces individually as it seems to be the best option, thanks for all your help every1
  6. hello there and ok where from so i can have a look
  7. what do you think about this one from amazon: Celestron 94303 Telescope Eye Piece and Filter Kit Thanks again
  8. thanks ill have a look at it and ye i mean the whole set
  9. im looking to spend around £100 for a whole kit yes
  10. thanks alot this will help
  11. hi and yes im also pleased iv joined, just looking for some advice on eyepieces
  12. thanks, also will any eyepiece fit on my telescope? or will i have to go with certain brands.....
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