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  1. Battled the thick clouds wind and rain down in cornwall , but inbetween there were some clear skies had 5 mins of viewing before the heavens opened again . It was frantic shifting my big skywatcher about but so is our hobby living in the UK .
  2. I think I saw it , was it a green ish fuzzy blob like this ?
  3. I was using a 7mm celestron lx eyepiece , maybe the street light and windy conditions didn't help, will try again this week.thanks
  4. Managed to see it at 10.40pm, it appeared too bright to make out much detail but I did nothing darker patches . Do I need a filter of some type ? A red or glare filter ?
  5. I forgot to look at all , been waiting for. Year since I got my scope I am desperate to see mars. It was my understanding the 8th was the best morning ? Will it still be worth while the rest of the week ? Cheers
  6. Surely they should offer it free for customers who already spent £20 or so on version 3. Seems very harsh even with the discount offer
  7. Looks clear here what time should I start looking ? and weather permitting what hour is likely to be the best ?
  8. The sun was like , get that Rubbish out of here , dam cme
  9. Ah well it would of been too cloudy for a month anyway .
  10. I want to try and get a first ever look at Mars and attempt ison. Is Mars very big can you see much detail or does it just look like a red star as it's quite far away this year until 2018 if I'm correct ?
  11. I had perfect clear sky's but I totally forgot . Damn you wind Waker hd and pokemon X
  12. Hoping to have a look at them tonight for my first time, I have a 200p skywatcher dob and a 4 skyliner skyhawk for grab and go which could i take ? would they be much difference considering they will just be tiny coloured discs?
  13. I think it could be the swivel circle bits , which are by the the eyepiece slot, they go up and down as you turn it, try focusing on a star and it will be a donut until you focus it for each indeviual eyepiece. , Im no expert but it hink thats the problem ?
  14. Its metal on the eyepiece ends and on the inside, i cant tell if the barlow lens is plastic or not.
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