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  1. Few and far between lately, but there has been the odd hole in the clouds.
  2. 23:00UT (Midnight) Waxing Gibbous Moon, hazy high cloud with fair seeing. Altair Astro Lightwave 72EDR Altair IMX178 colour Hypercam (USB3) SkyWatcher AZ-GTI mount, Manfrotto 055 tripod. SharpCap 3.1 Pro Best 100 frames stacked with AutoStakkert3 from 3000 frames captured. (SER file) Post processed with Photoshop CC2018, stretched for colour saturation and contrast.
  3. Hi @Space_Plane The 72EDR scope's external diameter is approx 87mm. I got a set of TS-Optics 90mm tube rings from Teleskop-Express. Obviously just fitting the scope as it is supplied would be too slack to grip, so I got some self-adhesive neoprene 3-4mm thick rubber insulation tape from Amazon, 10mm wide. Amazon Link - Neoprene Rubber Self Adhesive Strip 10MM Wide X 4MM Thick X 5M That's one example but there are loads of different manufacturers, thickness widths and lengths. I stuck the tape to the inside of the tube rings, and this created a good snug grip to the scope's bod
  4. It would appear the development process needs some better public relations/involvement. SkyWatcher's website is a little thin on info, although there must be some development taking place due to the odd firmware update that has filtered onto the support pages. It is a great little grab and go mount, and for solar and lunar in a hurry, its always the AZ-GTI i reach for, over my cumbersome AZ-EQ6. Hopefully they continue to develop the app further, and also tie in better support for app's such as SkySafari.
  5. Thanks. Worked from a 1star alignment for me the Moon and Sun(when solar observation is turned on) are available as alignment targets. North and level may give a better alignment I’ll have to try it next time the clouds are gone.
  6. No worries, @Stu it disappeared after the last update and trying to discover more I was reading the update notes on App Store and they mention Pro: one star alignment for solar and Moon. I was like erm nope ? So did a search on the AppStore low and behold a Pro version, nice of SkyWatcher to make that clear at the last update. ? Had a play with it on mine over weekend and it worked well, single point alignment for Lunar and Solar was something I contacted SW about early on, and they said they had no immediate plans but would pass on my feedback. Tracking was greatly improved and I
  7. This perplexed me the other day too, but Ive since discovered that SkyWatcher have put a new App on the Apple AppStore (can’t confirm whether its the same for Android) it’s called SynScan Pro where as the original and first app is just SynScan. The Pro version is still free, but has extra options for users deemed Pro, which includes solar tracking etc Solar tracking can be found under Advanced > Advanced Settings > Observe Sun. You then need to switch it on and it gives you the standard solar safety warning a maths problem to solve before it unlocks the solar tracking.
  8. Yesterday's (27.11.17) 8 day old Waxing Gibbous Moon (60% illuminated) imaged at 18:00UT using LRGB filters. Seeing conditions were fair, with some faint fast moving cloud. Altair Astro StarWave 102ED f/7 refractor Altair IMX174 mono Hypercam ZWO Mini EFW Altair LRGB filter set SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 mount Best 15% used of 1000 frames for each filter. Captured software SharpCap 3.0 Stacked with AutoStakkert 3.0 RGB channels combined and Lum added for sharpness, post processed with Photoshop CC 2018 Can also view on Flickr - https://flic.kr/p/21WynTP
  9. I ordered one from FLO Monday and arrived on Wednesday. It appealed to me as a grab n go kit for lunar and solar, as my AZ-EQ6 is often too big and cumbersome and just plain time consuming to setup in a hurry (not having the convenience of an observatory), and we all know how short the window of opportunities can be especially in rainy Manchester. I mostly intend to use the AZ-GTI for Lunar and Solar imaging and using it with a shorter focal length scope it fits the bill well. I managed to get out wth it last night for a little first light test and did a few captures of the M
  10. Thanks Tony, that was the first time I really attempted any solar, I had a practice run a few weeks before the eclipse last March but that was a great morning, clouds just remained thin enough to capture most of it. Great experience. Even managed to get a few in the local newspaper.
  11. Hi, I'm Mark, I've been a long time lurker, I've been using the forum for quite a while for research and it's a really great tome of knowledge, and has provided invaluable guidance, especially on equipment and techniques. I have had a long interest in astronomy, space and science in general since being a kid, but I only took the plunge and got my first telescope back in 2012, which at the time was nothing special just a cheap and cheerful Celestron Newtonian, but it peaked my interest and the following year I bought a Nexstar 8SE which has served me very well for observing. Another o
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