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  1. Thanks everyone, it sounds like their pretty good eyepiece's for the price. I can't wait to get hands on them now.
  2. Ive just ordered the 18mm and 7mm versions. Whats your opinions on these Ep's?
  3. Im not sure, maybe i should try uping the frame rate if thats possible. Im gonna go google that now.
  4. My images are all single shots. Ive been advised to take short video clips, then stack them in registax. Every time i try with jupiter for instance, its completly over exposed. How do i get around this?
  5. Yes they are cheap eyepiece's. Ive just ordered two Celestron x-cel lx's.
  6. Thanks Moonshane, White Dwarf, im going to order a cheshire. I must admit the thought of having to collimate it scares me a little.
  7. The moon seems sharp enough. But if im looking at jupiter for instance, it seems sharp in the very center of the ep but anywhere else it gets a blue tinge around the edge.
  8. Yes it does, im very new to all this myself. Ive only had my scope a few weeks now.
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