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    Watching football ( or any sports), gardening, playing PS3 games, reading non fiction, birdwatching and now stargazing.
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    Merthyr Tydfil
  1. Spent 2 hours outside last night stargazing....I've been meaning to go out for the last 2 weeks but I get too comfy after tea . Made an extra effort last night though as looks like cloudy skies for a while. Thought I'd have another attempt at finding some galaxies, and after about an hour I found M81 & M82.........they looked great. I wasn't sure at the time if it was them, but I looked at some photos on the internet this morning and it definitely was them, albeit upside down and back to front in my telescope. I'll think I'll try to find Andromeda again next time........didn't have much luck a few weeks ago .
  2. I think I saw it last night, but it was at about 8:30 and heading towards the Perseus and Andromeda constellations.............I'm not sure if I saw it about an hour later heading in the opposite direction towards Auriga. I don't know......perhaps it was the cold affecting my concentration......it was freezing out there , but lovely and clear .......whatever it was it was cool.
  3. I spent 4 hours in the garden last night, trying out my new 6mm BST eyepiece, the views of Jupiter and the Orion nebula were amazing. I was surprised how quick they were moving, they only stayed in the FOV for about 30 seconds, I had to keep track manually which wasn't easy........especially when my RDF decided to have a wobbly again for about 15 minutes...... . More clear skies please. Skywatcher Heritage 130P
  4. After buying my telescope the next thing I was looking for was a bag to put it in. Days later after spending hours on the computer trying to find something I found this - It's a bag for storing dry pet food, I saw smaller ones on ebay (35L) and the sellers said they could hold 25Kg. The one I bought is 90L and easily supports the weight of my Skywatcher Heritage 130P, which the box it came in said it weighed less than 15lbs. I put some thick cardboard from the Skywatcher box at the bottom and some foam, part of an old exercise mat (won't be needing that, do enough exercise adjusting the RDF ) around the sides and what was left over I cut into a circle to sit on the top. The bag is H 58cm x W 47cm x D 47cm, it has 2 handles at either side and cost £15.............a bargain considering the price of some sports bags I was looking at, very happy with it...... . You might have noticed the French writing on it.........would have been better if it was plain but never mind as long as it does the job..............I don't mind croquettes anyway.
  5. Great views of Jupiter and its 4 moons last night, also saw Pleiades and the Orion nebula.........had a look at Procyon, Castor and Pollux too. My RDF started playing up, kept cutting out for a while.......think I'll have send FLO an email about it, only had it a month. Anyway I persevered and stayed out 'til 10pm...........I couldn't feel my feet by then . Checking the weather for the next clear night.
  6. It's looking good for a few hours here tonight too.......just put my scope outside, hope to get some close ups of Jupiter.
  7. I used my telescope for the first time on Thursday evening (24th) and was stunned by the view of the moon, I didn't expect it to look so close, it was amazing. I then had a look at Jupiter and I could just about make out the belt and I could clearly see the 4 moons, that was brilliant too. I was using the 25mm lens and unfortunately I'd left the 10mm lens in my house.......I was viewing from my friends back garden at the time.......in 8 inches of snow with the temperature at about -5. I was so impressed with what I was looking at I didn't feel the cold, I stayed out for about an hour, then it started to cloud over. Can't wait to get out there again. Skywatcher Heritage 130P
  8. Thanks for the welcome. I aligned my telescope yesterday.......I think I made a few basic mistakes the day before, I didn't fully extend the telescope and I didn't let it cool down long enough..... .....!! It's working perfectly now, I focused it on the houses on the hillside across the valley and they were nice and clear through the eyepiece, so I'm all ready to go, except that the skies around here are going to be cloudy for at least a week judging by the BBC's weather.........Oh well I can start reading 'Turn Left at Orion' while I wait. Donna.
  9. Hiya everyone, I bought my first telescope last week...... finally, I've been wanting to buy one for years. Decided on a Skywatcher Heritage 130P after reading the positve comments on here about it, haven't had a chance to try it out yet, I'm hoping to have a go at aligning the RDF and eyepiece tomorrow morning and hopefully later on if there are no clouds around in the night sky I'll try to have a look at Jupiter. Sounds straightforward..........., not sure that it will be though. Donna.
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