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  1. Hi Peter, Great result for such short exposure. Aperture of 3ish rules... I've never seen any details of your processing routine. As you always have superb processing, could you please share few tips? Thanks Jerry
  2. Hi Gary, Starting with a SC is quite a challenging start. The focal lenght will make the first steps quite tough. I hope you already have some experience in astronomy, polar aligning a mount, used to set up go to, guiding etc.... The shorter the focal the easier when you start.... long focal are for experienced astronomers as you really need to have the experience..... and the budget. To image at 2000mm or more, you need a damn good mount!!! G11 at least not to comment on the Paramount and other toys we would all love to have one day. I would recommend a short focal lenght at a start with a light equatorial mount to get experience first. As Olly said, a small refractor like a 80ed up to a 120 or 127ed will do. Keep a focal lenght of less than 1000mm and you will have good fun. As you probably noticed, Olly, experienced imager, does not image with crazy focal length,.... All the best and good choice Jerry
  3. HI Nick, The Atik 4K is a great imaging box. I love mine :-) Well done....now what you need is clear sky Cheers Jerry
  4. Hi Pete, Why not asking directly to a reseller? They would probably provide one dark and bias. I did not see images done yet with these new cameras. Cheers Jerry
  5. Well done Franck, Seems that your autoguiding issues are gone... Just an extra few hours in OIII and SII and it will be picture perfect Jerry
  6. Hi Rob, Fantastic results.... Guess the extra work pays off. I would anyway add my 2 cents here, as I am sure the stars can be slightly reprocessed to give them a more natural look. And then you can post for an APOD :-) Cheers Jerry
  7. Hi Yfronto, Wonderfull image... Don't hesitate to push colors in PS with Lab mode I gave it a go and it is quite nice Tell me what you think Jerry
  8. Hi Nigel, Thanks a lot for the feedback. You're right regarding the transport, the cost tends to increase a lot and has nothing to do with the site. I am waiting for a final statement but the price may end up at nearly twice the price.(I live in Dublin) I don't think I will spend that money knowing that I pay mainly transport. Cheers Jerry
  9. Hi all, Thanks for the feedback I am still looking into it but if more customers could give their stories, it would be a great help Cheers Jerry
  10. Hi Red, Do you know any other companies doing the same kind of products? Cheers Jerry
  11. Good evening to all, I guess an observatory is part of an astrophotography set up so I post my thread here. Does anyone know or used this company (see link below)? http://www.alexandersobservatories.c....php?p=1&pno=0 I am not the best DIY specialist so I investigate the "ready made" route. If someone knows these guys or other companies doing the same kind of products, thanks to let me know Clear sky Jerry
  12. Hi Olly, I use the TRF2008 from Televue without problems on an ATIK4000. Works great Cheers Jerry
  13. Hi guys, Thanks for the answers back Ant - I am not saying it is a bad thing, as Orion optics are producing very nice optics... I am interested in buying in the next couple of years an ODK or an AG and found that ASA which is as well offering very nice scope was using OO mirrors. Clear skies Jerry
  14. Good afternoon to all, I heard a rumor stating that ASA astrograph uses Orion Optics mirrors. Does anyone heard about it? It seems to be consistent in the french forums Thanks fro your feedback Jerry
  15. Hi Peter, Great shot as processing HaRGB to obtain a good balance in the colors is always tricky Beautifull details as well Jerry
  16. Hi Merlin, Yep readjust the levels for each colors, then apply a smart mask to reduce noise. When done, copy twice the new image and done the following - first image mode soft light - second image on mode screen and reduce opacity to taste It helps a lot to boost the colors Then fine tune with selective colors Hope it helps Jerry
  17. Hi Franck Yep impressive for only 3 x 10 minutes Hope you enjoy the snow :-) Jerry
  18. Hi Peter, Congratulation for your superb picture. These AG scopes are really fine optics. Stars are really pin points For your image, I just wonder why you keep your black point that high (30-35 for your blackpoint). There is still some noise in the background that could easily be removed with a smart mask. I just did it on your image ie reduce the black point and reduce noise. Wonderfull job Jerry
  19. Hi, Gave it a go and tried to improve it a little. Tell me what you think Ayway, more exposure would help a lot in the final result Cheers Jerry
  20. Hi Nick, Great picture. Interesting colour Ken Crawford is really interesting but works better on Narrow band image (SHO) than RVB or LRVB. But it is a good exercise to try it and take some additional "tricks". Look forward to see a fully TMBed picture of the bubble now Cheers Jerry
  21. Hi Francki, Well done The frenchy Jerry
  22. Hi Rob, Thanks a lot I see it as an investment cause I plan to buy a larger refractor in the next couple of years (Taka or TEC). So this is part of project. And it will help me to work remotely during cold nights:p Clear sky Jerry
  23. Hi all, I would like to know if anyone is using the robofocus and if they are happy with it. I have a 80ED I will use with it and the reason I am interested in it is because it is adaptable to other scope. Thanks to share your experience Jerry
  24. Hi everyone, I just received my EQ6 Pro GOTO and I have some problem to perform the PA. Here is the step I am doing : - putting the mount with weight down (park) - aligning the mount with the North - entering the date and time ( I assumed Dublin is on GMT ie 00:00) - entering the position using my Sat Nav - turning the RA to have the little circle at 6 o'clock in polar scope Then, I don't really know where to go to finish it. I have Polar finder on my computer but don't know yet how to translate what I see on the screen into the polar scope. I already spent few hours on it and really need help here If anyone can help on that issue Thanks Jerry
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