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  1. Sarah

    Hi all.

    Welcome to SGL Paul!
  2. Welcome Nicos. Nice to see you here on SGL!
  3. I look forward to seeing how you get on with it, when it arrives. Looks like that might be a good solution! Sarah
  4. As Luke has said, those brief views through the 85mm scope were impressive. I am still amazed at the sight I had of the spicules the other day. And I don't know whether it was even tuned at its optimum. I was more than happy with the surface details, filaments, and proms visible. The visual defects obviously need addressing, but hopefully this will be resolved. I just can't forget those spicules though and at the moment can only imagine what might be possible with even more aperture! Sarah
  5. I think I saw somewhere that there only about 37 of these made. I think they might be out of our price range! Sarah
  6. We haven't purchased much second hand, so yes it was a little nerve wracking Stu, but the chap I dealt with patiently answered all my questions and was very helpful, and a great communicator, which definitely helped! For me, it would have to be the TV102, so it would be suitable for solar, none of these petzval types! Just waiting to test the TV60 this eve if it stays clear. Sarah
  7. I am blaming you Stu! your 'family' photo made us want to start a TV family of our own! And as you did well with your Romanian purchase, we decided to go ahead with buying this one from Cyprus. Posted on Thursday and delivered yesterday lunchtime.Sarah
  8. It is looking very good today Stu. I had a quick view earlier to test out our newly acquired TV60. I could see more than enough detail with the 60, so I can imagine the 85 view is even better! Sarah
  9. Very funny Steve! It feels quite heavy for its compact size, but this makes it feel very solid and well built, like all TV scopes. Luke meant to say we had a Tak finder scope included, rather than a guide scope! Before the clouds rolled in, I did manage a quick view through the TV60 in white light. Very nice it was too. Lovely and sharp and lots if detail to be seen. Probably helps as the white light has been looking awesome recently. I was trying to decide if I could see some granulation or if it was wishful thinking! I think this is going to make a great compact travel scope for holidays, for solar white light, hopefully solar ha with the Quark (when it arrives!) and for a spot of widefield DSO viewing, as well as lunar viewing. It is the ultimate grab 'n' go! Sarah
  10. Lovely images Alexandra and lots of great pics from the IAS too. Sarah
  11. Great animation there Alexandra.
  12. Thanks for the great report Shaun. As Luke said we were clouded out when we arrived home this afternoon but it eventually brightened up and we managed a quick view. Those proms looked amazing! Definitely worth waiting for the gap to see them.
  13. Whilst we really love the 16" dob, we are getting so much more frequent use out of the solar gear. A few years back I thought is would be crazy to spend a large amount of money on a telescope for viewing one object, but that one object is pretty amazing and very dynamic. Go for it! Only trouble is solar aperture fever can be very expensive!
  14. Thanks for the report Phyllis. It is great to start hearing how users are finding the Quark. As Luke says, we are hoping to get ours in the next few weeks. Look forward to hearing how you get on with it in a different scope too. Sarah
  15. Sounds like a sensible decision Steve! Looking forward to seeing your dob base build. Sarah
  16. From my point of view, adding the double stack to the SolarMax 60 made a real difference visually. For imaging, I think the single stack is fine. With the SS 60 the surface detail is lacking to a certain extent and with the DS it really comes to life. I remember reading some reviews where some people said the DS makes it all a little bit more 3D. Now would an 80 SS be better visually than the 60 DS? I do not know. It may well be. But as we were able to pick up the DS filter secondhand for £600 it was a relatively cheap option for making quite a difference to the views. Of course £600 is not cheap by any means, but in terms of Ha Solar Scopes/filters it is relatively cheap. At the end of the day any Ha solar scope is enough to provide some amazing views. But with anything, is a little bit extra worth the additional cost? To some it is and others it is not. I had the briefest of looks through a Solarscope 70 filter. That was a lovely view, but it comes with a nice price tag too. I didn't really have long enough at the eyepiece to decide how the surface detail views were against our DS 60. No doubt it was better in some respect. The Solarmax is not perfect, by any means, as it has issues with a sweet spot, but for me the overall cost to get the views we have was definitely worth it. Sarah
  17. Congratulations Stu! Very nice acquisition and a great addition to your line up. Sarah
  18. Great images as always, Alexandra. So did the temptation of the sun lure you away from your gardening today? Sarah
  19. Very nice set of images there Steve. Sarah
  20. Lots of great images there Robin. Well done! Sarah
  21. Lovely first shot. Well done! Sarah
  22. Very nice Roger. Like those close ups! Sarah
  23. Great capture David. And you managed to cut the grass too! Sarah
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