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  1. After reading Steve's review I opted for the Pentax and ordered them from our friends at FLO. They arrived the next day and were extremely well protected. (Thanks to Martin as well who answered a number of my questions). Last night was the first clear night and I managed to grab 60mins with my scope and the new binoculars. I have to say that they are absolutely brilliant, pin sharp, bright image and not too heavy to hold for long-ish periods. I was very surprised at the view of M31, even though I was standing in a light polluted front garden! Thanks again everyone for your replies and help with the decision.
  2. Thanks for a great review Steve. With the price reduction it's now a no brainer and I've ordered them! I can put the remaining budget towards a good pocket sky atlas. I'll let you know how I get on with them. So now I'm playing the waiting, apologies if this means clouds for a few days all!
  3. Thanks Charic. I think I'll give them a call and discuss the options
  4. Thanks Charic. My biggest difficulty is that I'm just not going to get the opportunity to try them out before I buy them. And as usual, when you've the funds ready to go, I've an itchy buying finger which I'm trying to tell to be patient!
  5. Many thanks for your comparison Steve, much appreciated! With your estimates on the FoV then they both come down to approx 4.5. degrees so not much difference. TBH, these will my first pair of binoculars so I probably wouldn't notice the WOs being any brighter than anything else. Although, as ever, I want the best bang for my buck! Interesting comment about the stray light in the SPs, was stray light an issue in the WOs or just more so than the Pentax? I've just seen the price for the discontinued WP II and it's very tempting. What have Pentax really added which justifies the price increase? And in your opinion is it worth it? Thanks in advance.
  6. That's great Steve. I'll hold off until I see you're review. Enjoy the rest of your hols!
  7. Thanks for the reply Michael, that's certainly what I was thinking. If there's an issue mechanically then I hope it would show early on.
  8. I'm really hoping you can offer some guidance and advice. I'm currently in the market for a pair of 10x50 binos, which will be used for astronomy at least 95% of the time. Basically when I've only 20-30mins and want to grab a quick viewing session. I have some light pollution close by but haven't found this to be a serious issue when viewing through my telescope. I've read every review and post going and have narrowed it down to the Pentax SP 50mm WP or the WO 10x50 ED. Unfortunately I don't have a reseller I can visit to try these models out in person and I need some advice on which one I should be purchasing. I have concerns over the 1 year warranty with the WO's but anything I've read states they are built like a tank so this might just be me being overly cautious. Has anyone had any problems with theirs? On the other hand, the Pentax offers a 30 year warranty, but no tripod adaptor and a smaller FoV. I don't foresee weight being an issue. Can anyone confirm if they have compared both these binos in person? How sharp are both these models across their FoVs? Is there any other advantages that one model has over the other which I should be aware off? I've also got a budget of around £250 so to throw another spanner in the works should I be considering any other makes? I don't really want to go past 50mm. I appreciate similar posts have been raised before but I'm ready to hit the buy button, I just need a push in one direction. Thanks in advance.
  9. +1 for the 12mm. That's usually the limit I take the magnification to on my CPC800.
  10. Ripped up middle finger to the first knuckle. Through nail and lost a bit of bone. Not nice....chalked up to experience... Paul.
  11. That box looks great Herbig. Thanks for the safety tips on the table saw, unfortunately I made that mistake 7 years ago making a cot for my son from White Oak. I was making mortise and tenon joints and managed to catch a finger! 'Luckily' it ripped up the way and not across so I suppose I got away relatively lightly.... Lesson learned and all that. Paul.
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